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Let’s work together

Your dream of home should be attainable. That’s why we build yours around your budget and your vision, without cutting corners — a home that feels roomy and comfortable, and designed for the way you want to live.

Get moving in five simple steps with KBHS Home Loans


Find your new home

Find your new home

We make it easy to search communities and floor plans online. So, get excited, your journey begins right here, on the KB website. 

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Talk to a loan officer

Talk to a loan officer

The KBHS team has lending experts who specialize in guiding homebuyers through the lending process so every step is perfectly clear. Connect with them directly to get your questions answered. 

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Apply online in minutes

Apply online in minutes

To make your loan experience as seamless as possible, the KBHS team has moved the mortgage application online. No need for pen and paper, you can conveniently dot the I’s and cross the T’s digitally. And remember, your loan officer is always ready to help.

This was our first KB Home and from our initial visit at the model home to our final walk-through, everyone treated us with respect and care. The mortgage team did an excellent job keeping us informed of needed documents and changes, and the closing went well.

- Rustin M.


Find the loan that is right for you

Find the loan that is right for you

After your application is approved, it’s time for your KBHS loan officer to help find a program that best suits your needs. Terms, loan types, down payment amount and monthly mortgage obligation will all be considered in the context of your financial situation.



What type of loan do you need?

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Now for the good stuff

Now for the good stuff

Once you’ve been approved and everything is in order, KBHS will work to close your loan as expeditiously as possible. Title, escrow and all the specific requirements will be handled, so you can focus on personalizing your new home.

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*Not all loans are alike; as such, this simplified version of our process may not encompass every step of every loan. Additional documents may be required based on your circumstances.
*Closing times may vary based on construction schedules or various transactional factors like borrowers' document response times, property locations and credit profile.