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KB Home® is committed to achieving its business goals by acting with integrity, high ethical standards and in compliance with the law. This is essential to building lasting relationships with our customers, business partners and investors that are based on trust. Our KB Home Ethics Policy is a guide for all KB Home employees to follow when facing questions of business ethics. Every year, all KB Home employees must be certified that they have read and understand the policy. We invite you to review our ethics policy.

We have established an Ethics Reporting Process, which allows for reporting concerns either using an anonymous telephone hotline or an anonymous reporting website. Our Ethics Reporting Process is intended to be used as a communication channel for reporting compliance concerns, violations of policies and procedures, as well as fraud, illegal, or unethical conduct or suspected criminal activity, but is not intended for submitting general customer service issues.

Customer service and warranty issues and complaints should be directed to a KB Home Customer Service Representative to resolve issues. However, in the event Customer Service or Warranty concerns cannot be comfortably addressed through the normal channels or methods of communication, homeowners may submit a report through the Ethics Reporting Process.

Download the KB Home Ethics Policy PDF

To File an Ethics Report

Telephone Hotline: (800) 304-0657
Online Reporting Website:

EthicsPoint, an independent company, manages the KB Home Ethics Policy Hotline and Reporting Website. All calls to the Hotline and all reports submitted through the Reporting Website may be made anonymously to EthicsPoint personnel. EthicsPoint will keep all reports it receives through the Hotline or the Reporting Website confidential consistent with KB Home's Ethics Policy, but will disclose the reported matter to KB Home's designated Ethics Officers.

When filing a report, you will receive a Report Key assigned by EthicsPoint and you will select a private password. We encourage you to follow-up on your submission by returning to the Reporting Website and selecting the "Follow Up on a Report" or "Report Follow up" option.

Do not use the website to report events presenting an immediate threat to persons, life or property. If you require emergency assistance, contact your local authorities.