Building a Home with KB®

How Does Buying a New Home With KB Work?

We’ve outlined how to build a home from start to finish so you’ll know just what to expect going in.



Because of all the features, color choices and durability of the products, we made an instantaneous decision to go with KB Home.

- Kevin R, KB homeowner


See how we bring smart-tech home.

Enjoy more convenience, energy savings, security and well-being, thanks to smart-home tech you can control at your fingertips.


Healthy homes designed to promote your well-being.

Where you live is everything, which is why we are committed to creating new home environments that elevate your quality of life.

Only at KB®

We’ve helped over
families and individuals
achieve the dream of

At KB Home, we
partner with you
every step of the way
to build a home that’s
unique to you.

About KB

Giving Back to the Community

KB Cares is our way of making
a difference where we build, and
to helping those in need.

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