What's trending in home design

Home is naturally a place where we put down personal roots, but this year's trends are literally grounded in nature. With design themes that focus on organic materials, warm colors and timeless quality, we explore what it all means as well as some creative ways to refresh your living space.

Rooted in nature

Plants have always been a great way to bring aesthetic beauty and positive energy to indoor/outdoor spaces. Including greenery in your home not only looks good, plants can also boost your mood and help clear indoor air.

Now, design trends are shifting to the earth itself. While leafy surfaces and forest greens have been front and center for quite a while, 2023 and beyond will see the inclusion of natural elements that are literally from the ground up. Additionally, there will be an emphasis on spaces for quiet time alone.

Trends to watch:

  • Tactile organic materials: Natural stained cabinets, leather and bamboo accents

  • Soothing colors with vibrant undertones: Mushroom gray, clay and terracotta tones

  • Room for quiet reflection: Home offices, appointed nooks and corner space

A warm welcome

Home should feel like a warm, welcoming embrace for homeowners and guests alike. Now more than ever, a shared desire to gather together with family, friends and neighbors is driving current design trends to make home even more inviting.

Where we live should reflect our personal experiences, and it's easy to create an environment that inspires joy and comfort. Displaying travel mementos or framed family photos are reminders of happy times, plus, a really unique souvenir can be a great conversation starter. Another popular way to embrace this trend is incorporating colors and textures from favorite heirlooms.

One more thing. Never underestimate the impact of color to transform your living space. As the design world takes on 2023, look for the ever-warming color trend to shift from lavender to mauve and from caramel to mid-tone brown. And remember, it's not just about choosing a single color, it’s about combining interesting hues, whether it's a preference for a monochromatic look or switching up neutrals to a more playful palette.

Trends to watch:

  • Setting the mood with layered lighting for entertaining or reading: Pendants, chandeliers, under-cabinet and task lighting with dimmers and smart plugs

  • Mixing surprising color combinations: Pastels paired with dark, warmer blues or browns

  • Balancing metals with unique shapes and textures: Steel and copper top the list

Timeless style

Believe it or not, it's actually no longer trendy to be trendy. After years spending so much time at home, people are embracing their unique style and have stopped chasing fads. This means more personalized spaces and investing in quality goods that are timeless.

While you can always paint a wall or refresh your decor, the essentials of your living space should endure for years to come. Because function and sustainability are key to lasting design, consider amenities that can fit your lifestyle today and easily adapt for what's ahead.

Trends to watch:

  • Function-first organization: Pull-out shelves and drawers, plus closet and cabinet organizers

  • Squaring up with modern and transitional options: Less round and moon-shaped hardware

  • Water- and energy-efficient features: ENERGY STAR® certified new homes

Personalizing your new KB home

If you have any questions about design trends or personalizing your new home to fit your style, the team at the Design Studio is here to help. Get in touch when you're ready!