What are the benefits of an ENERGY STAR® certified home?

We believe that home is more than just a roof over your head, it should inspire happiness and a place to thrive. With that in mind, it's good to know that every new home we build is designed to be ENERGY STAR® certified, a standard that fewer than 10% of homes nationwide meets. You'll also enjoy greater comfort, well-being and savings, especially when compared to typical new and used homes.


We want you to love living in your new KB home, and to feel comfortable from one season to the next. That's why we build our homes to include state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems, as well as high-efficiency windows and insulation, which help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Enhanced air sealing helps to keep dust and pollen outside, and reduce drafts and noise inside, while smart thermostats also help maintain optimum temperatures all year round.


Your home should be the best place of all, so we build ours paying close attention to detail, with quality materials and features for a healthier environment. For instance, standard interior door hardware comes with antimicrobial product protection that helps reduce the spread of bacteria and germs — and that's good news for every member of your household. You'll also have the benefit of high-performance ventilation systems that enhance your home’s environment by regularly introducing fresh outdoor air and reducing indoor air pollutants, plus we use environmentally conscious products for flooring, tile, paint and cabinetry.


Everyone wants to save money where they can, so we work hard to reduce the long-term costs of homeownership of a KB home wherever possible. For instance, windows and insulation, energy-efficient appliances and lighting work together to help lower utility costs — along with water-efficient fixtures and features that help conserve resources and save you money.

Wondering what the bottom line means for you? Our ‘whole home approach’ to energy and water efficiency means you enjoy an average annual savings of up to an estimated $1,800 on utility bills compared to typical used homes.

Better for the environment

We're committed to building better homes for a better future that we believe can help the world we all share. Every ENERGY STAR certified home reduces greenhouse gases by 3,287 lbs. per year, which is the equivalent of planting 39 trees, and that helps reduce our environmental footprint.

Extra inspections to check and double-check

From the moment you select your favorite floor plan, we want you to feel confident knowing that our homes undergo significantly more systems engineering than homes built to current building codes — plus extensive testing and verification from independent rating companies in order to pass rigorous certification standards set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

During inspections, comprehensive ENERGY STAR lists are applied to carefully check and confirm that materials have been installed properly — this also helps us identify and correct any potential issues before you move in.

More helpful info

To learn more about ENERGY STAR certified new homes, including videos, testimonials and tips, visit the program's website.


KB Home Energy Savings Comparison™

Every KB Home floor plan design features a KB Home Energy Savings Comparison™ that provides an estimate of both monthly energy costs and monthly savings over a typical used home. Important information and disclosures for: KB Home Energy Savings Comparison™ estimates for homes as designed (not as built)KB Home Energy Savings Comparison™ estimates for California homes as designed (not as built).

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