Replace heating and cooling filters

Every new home needs some preventative maintenance now and again, and a little TLC can go a long way to make sure everything continues to work properly and efficiently.

One basic tip to keep your heating/cooling systems functioning at optimal levels is to regularly replace the filters. On average, it's recommended to change them every 90 days, but the frequency can be different based on a few factors. For instance, while we all love our family pets, their fur does get everywhere, so if you have dogs or cats, it's a good idea to change filters every 60 days. Additionally, if someone in your household has allergies, a new filter every 20-45 days can be helpful.

When filters become dirty, they can restrict the flow of air into the unit and decrease its efficiency, while a significant accumulation of dust can ultimately strain the motor and cause damage.

The good news is that changing filters is easy to do, and the size is visible so you know exactly what product to buy at your local hardware store or online.

A great resource to help you keep track around the house is your KB Home recommended maintenance checklist.

If you have any questions or concerns about your new KB home, we're here to help.