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Check your smoke detectors

Your new home is clean, modern and in tip-top shape, so naturally you'll want everything to continue looking good and running smoothly. And that means some easy preventative maintenance now and again.

We’ve all probably gotten overzealous in the kitchen and accidentally set off the smoke detector — and that’s actually a good thing. You want to be alerted instantly if there's a problem anywhere in the home, so regular maintenance is very important. While most smoke detectors are hard-wired with a battery backup, it’s recommended that batteries are replaced once a year and checked every month.

And here's a handy tip. You can, and should, vacuum your smoke detector. Dust and pollen can make the sensors dirty and prevent them from working properly, so it’s a good idea to vacuum the unit with a gentle attachment and wipe the outside to keep the surface clear.

If you have any questions or concerns about your new KB home, we're here to help.