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Now's the time for a personalized new home.
Building a new home you'll love.

Buying a new home is one of the biggest and most important decisions you'll ever make. While there's definitely a lot to think about, like where you want to live and how many bedrooms you need, a key consideration should be your homebuilder's commitment to delivering an outstanding product

Customer satisfaction is everything.

From the ground up and inside/out, our team pays close attention, because after all, we're not just building homes, we're building relationships. For instance, before construction even starts, we evaluate different factors that can impact the build, such as making sure that specific materials are suitable for a community's location and climate. 

Additionally, our new homes undergo a comprehensive process of reviews and assessments to ensure that construction meets our strict standards — and that includes a 10 quality checkpoint system from foundation and framing to drywall. 

Rigorous third-party assessment.

As part of our comprehensive quality control program and for extra assurance, we partner with IBACOS ®, a nationally recognized expert in home construction quality to conduct a rigorous annual evaluation of our construction operations and performance. Our processes are extensively assessed, with numerous checkpoints related to safety, comfort, indoor air quality, and building durability.

Partnership every step of the way.

We want you to make this exciting purchase with confidence, which is why we do a lot of planning, collaboration and inspection to build a new home uniquely for you. Your dedicated KB Home construction superintendent oversees the entire process from one step to the next, and nothing moves forward without their stamp of approval. In fact, at the homeowner orientation, you'll inspect your home with the team to sign off — and unless everyone is happy, we don't close the home until it's resolved.

Striving to exceed expectations.

We think home should be the best place of all, and we work hard so you can enjoy a brand-new home that's well-built and beautiful, just the way you pictured it.