What is the KB Home Limited Warranty?

We are dedicated to building homes of quality and innovation, and our commitment to your satisfaction shines through in everything we do. We also understand that life happens, and things can go sideways when you least expect.

You’ll be happy to learn that your KB Home warranty coverage is extensive. So, rest assured. You have a trusted partner who’s there to repair a leaky faucet, fix the AC, and help keep your new KB home in tip-top shape.

How long is the KB Home Limited Warranty?

Our warranty in most regions where we build is 10 years for structural coverage, two years for mechanical systems, and one year for workmanship and materials. While warranties can vary slightly from state to state, every KB homebuyer has the benefit of a comprehensive agreement and dedicated warranty team.

Your warranty coverage also transfers to any subsequent buyer should you sell your KB home within 10 years. And that’s good to know.

What does the KB Home Limited Warranty cover?

Your warranty covers a lot of ground (and literally, from the ground up). Let’s start with the structural composition of your home. Should you have warranty issues with the foundation, roof, framing, or other structural elements, we’ve got you covered.

Plumbing and electrical are considered major systems that can impact your day to day life. If you believe you have a plumbing issue that’s an emergency, we are just a phone call away. Should your air conditioning stop working on a hot summer day, don’t sweat it, we’ll be there.

From floor to ceiling, we want to make sure everything is properly maintained and looking good. That’s why KB Home incorporates a unique process of pre-set warranty follow-ups, so you can look forward to hearing from us at key times throughout your warranty period.

The KB Home Limited Warranty guide has all the details. What’s covered, and for how long. It’s a good idea to keep it handy for easy reference.

How does a long-term warranty benefit me?

You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but knowing someone is there to take care of you goes a long way. The warranty gives you confidence that KB Home is here to support you should the unforeseeable happen.

Just as importantly, when something is covered, you never spend a dime. Your warranty department handles everything, so you don’t have any repair costs. And that’s a huge relief.

First-time homebuyers who are moving from apartments are accustomed to having rental managers handle repairs. It’s important to understand that when you buy a used home, you’re suddenly going from a situation where management takes care of you, to being on your own. With used homes, there is no safety net of a long-term warranty, so when things break, repairs can be costly. And, out-of-your-pocket.

We’re an established company with 60+ years of homebuilding under our belt, and our enduring success is built on relationships. So whether it’s a small issue or big fix, providing prompt customer service is our priority.

Who do I contact if something breaks?

Every KB Home division has a dedicated warranty department to service your requests. If you have an emergency, you can call us to reach a team member, and we typically respond to non-emergency calls the next day (your KB fridge magnet has all the numbers). If it’s easier, you can always submit a request online.

Our warranty departments take care of everything. We schedule the contractors and maintenance professionals, so if you’re feeling stressed out, relax, we have your back.

We are big on communication.

We go above and beyond to build relationships built on confidence and trust. KB Home values your input, and we want to hear from you. That’s why, even after you’ve closed, we are regularly in touch to make sure that you are happy. And that your homebuying experience continues to be outstanding.