What design trends are we seeing this year?

Why is minimalism trending?

Lots of things are wonderful in abundance, but sometimes, having less stuff can go a long way. With everyone spending so much time at home, people are looking to simplify their lives and refresh their environment. Clutter has a way of creating stress and getting organized can help boost work-life-home balance. Plus, having less items to clean means more free time to do what you love. And who doesn’t want that?

The shift toward minimalism is having its moment. And with it, color schemes and design elements that reflect these sensibilities.

Why is black a trend-setter in minimalistic design?

Black continues to be a dominant hue in the design world, influencing everything from accessories to appliances. Matte black, in particular, is a favorite among millennials who love the modern look of brushed gold faucets, fixtures and lighting with this color palette. Artwork, as well as framed black and white photographs of landscapes make a bold statement and are a great way to decorate a large wall space.

This trending color can also brighten up your kitchen, where appliances that mix black and white accents offer a classic combination inspired by minimalist design. Details like stainless cabinet hardware in matte back, as well as fingerprint-proof appliances add a sleek look, plus they’re easier to clean.

Minimalistic décor can make home more comfortable.

Home is our personal haven, where we kick off our shoes, curl up on the couch and relax. Today’s lifestyles are about less formality and more simplicity, and that’s one of the reasons why natural elements and reclaimed materials are in fashion. Minimalism has sparked consumer demand for artisan-inspired products like ceramic vases and woven throw blankets (great housewarming gifts by the way!), which reflect this trend.

Furniture that evokes a more organic yet modern aesthetic, such as reclaimed wood tables, weathered leather chairs and live edge bookshelves or kitchen tables are very popular. You’re probably wondering, what exactly is live edge wood furniture? Live edge is the living part of the tree, basically the outer ring, and these unique pieces are made from logs that can’t be used in traditional furniture production. Because more of the total tree is used, less are cut down, and that’s good for the environment. Plus, you can enjoy something that’s naturally beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

How does minimalism influence upcycling and design?

Upcycling is taking something you already have and transforming it into something of greater quality or artistic value. With many people focused on de-cluttering their living space and spending less money, upcycling is becoming more popular these days. For instance, imagine a wine barrel as a rustic end table, an old dresser that’s been remade into a trendy beverage bar, or an antique cabinet that’s been transformed into an armoire for a baby’s nursery.

This growing trend has gone well beyond DIY projects. Thanks to higher levels of craftsmanship and creativity, upcycling has achieved a certain status in the design world — luxury designer Hermès delivered an entire collection based on this concept.

So look around your house (definitely the garage), because you’re likely to find something you’ve been on the fence about keeping or discarding. And start imagining the possibilities.

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