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Quick tips to prep for your move.

If you're moving into a new home in the near future, it's never too early to start prepping! Planning ahead and getting organized can make this exciting transition less stressful and a lot easier, especially if you aren't hiring professional movers to handle everything. If you're doing most of the packing (and heavy lifting!) yourself, these helpful tips can come in handy.

Sorting and decluttering.

A good place to start is sorting out what clothing, dishes, furniture, etc., will be going with you — and what isn't. Moving is a fresh beginning, so take this opportunity to declutter your life beforehand. For instance, set aside a donation bin and go through your closets for clothing you don't wear anymore, as well as small kitchen appliances and other household product you simply don't use.

Stocking supplies and packing up.

Being organized from the get-go can help save time and energy, and yes, keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Make sure you have sturdy, sizeable packing boxes (including wardrobe) and tape, as well as scissors, bubble wrap (towels and newspapers also work for padding) and permanent markers. 

Translucent bins are a good option to pack seasonal clothing, holiday decorations and extra blankets, so you can keep them organized and carefully stored until you need them. Vacuum bags also come in handy, because they're compressed to take up less space, plus they're great for vacation travel.

Labeling boxes and taking inventory.

Remember, everything you pack will eventually need to be unpacked. You're going to be busy enough settling in, so make it easy on yourself by clearly labeling and numbering every box and listing all the contents so you have a complete inventory. 

To simplify the process, take a picture on your cell phone before packing everything up and match the photo or list to its specific box or bin — kitchen utensils #2 or primary bath items #3. And of course, it's also good to mark if something is fragile or heavy.

Updating contacts and scheduling utilities.

In the midst of all your packing and moving day excitement, there's a few important things you don't want to overlook. Make sure to update the post office with the address of your new home and schedule your water, gas, electricity, cable and internet utilities, so they're connected and working on day one. When you have time, don't forget to send a special 'We've Moved' ecard to family and friends