The Whalen Family

Tim, Kristie and Family

A web of connections is growing from within the Whalens' active household. While kids play wall ball in the backyard, we learn the value of scrapbooking and memorabilia alongside their battle with kidney disease.

Meet The Whalen Family

The Bunch Family

James, Marie and Family

From ball games to furniture refinishing, the Bunch family's interests are diverse. Join us as we throw some lumpia on the skillet and learn more about this multigenerational family's life in a KB home.

Meet The Bunch Family

The Wooldridge Family

Corie, Brittney and Family

Accompany KB Home as we discover how this military family's methodically aligned wall of family photos and fun pancake recipe help the Wooldridges preserve and sweeten family time before Dad's deployment.

Meet The Wooldridge Family