Is your home ready for the rain?

If you live in an area with an extended rainy season, here's a basic tip to make sure you're prepared. It's a good idea to set aside some time to clear your gutters and downspouts (the pipe that carries water down) from gunk that can accumulate, like dirt and leaves. This exterior maintenance before the rainy weather starts will help prevent water from overflowing onto the walls and keep the eaves from leaking, which could potentially cause damage to your home.

Depending on whether you have a one- or two-story floor plan, there are a few ways to tackle this home maintenance project. For instance, if you want to keep two feet on the ground, you can buy a cleaning wand that attaches to your garden hose or power washer. If your roof is just too high, and you're not super confident about climbing a ladder or aren’t a fan of heights, safety should always take priority — so hire a licensed & bonded handyman to get those gutters rain-ready.

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