How can our healthy homes elevate your well-being?

Now more than ever, people are focused on healthier living. Better nutrition, more frequent exercise, and a desire for wellness are increasingly important. Naturally, this focus extends to home, because where we live is also where we unwind, connect, work and raise a family.

That is why we are committed to creating new homes that help promote your health and well-being. And we always have. KB Home was an early champion of advancing the role home builders can play in helping improve the indoor environment and building a healthier home. In fact, we were the first builder to join the Well Living Lab Alliance, a collaboration of Delos® and Mayo Clinic that is dedicated to improving the places where people live, work and play.

Designing homes to enhance your indoor air environment.

The quality of the air we breathe is really important. And that also means the air in our homes. Nearly 20 years ago we built our first ENERGY STAR® certified new home. Today, our homes are designed to be ENERGY STAR certified to deliver an enhanced indoor air environment. And there’s more. We build with quality construction techniques and features guided by the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS standards. If you’re wondering how that makes a difference, it’s actually pretty significant.

For starters, our homes include high performance ventilation systems that regularly introduce fresh outdoor air. How does that benefit you? Simply put, when the system draws in outside air, it works to reduce indoor air pollutants. Plus, we use premium air filters that further help to reduce dust, allergens, and other airborne impurities.

We also pay close attention to details. While fans in many typical homes often vent back inside, we install exhaust fans in our bathrooms and kitchens so moisture and fumes vent directly outdoors.

Why it’s so important for home exteriors to be properly sealed.

Did you know that a typical home contains lots of small gaps that are hidden in the walls? You can rest easy though. Your new KB home was built with comprehensive air sealing elements that help to significantly reduce drafts, moisture, dust, pollen and noise.

You’ll also appreciate that a well-sealed home means better air quality because particles can’t get in as easily. In addition, good sealing practices help protect your home against mold and moisture damage due to condensation.

Finish materials add to the healthfulness of our homes.

There’s more good news. We incorporate finish materials that enhance the healthfulness of every KB home, and use low- or zero-VOC products in carpeting, paint, insulation and cabinetry.

If you prefer carpeting or have a baby who will be spending plenty of time crawling, you’ll love this. Our carpeting is Green Label Plus certified, which ensures that you are buying the lowest emitting carpet product on the market. It’s also Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™, a globally recognized measure of safer, more sustainable products specifically created for a more positive impact on people and the planet.

Getting ready to choose your favorite paint colors at the KB Home Design Studio? This will make your decisions even more pleasing. Our interior paints are UL GREENGUARD certified and have met some of the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards. They not only look beautiful on every wall, these paints are formulated to reduce indoor air pollution and lower the risk of chemical exposure.

The difference is in the details, including your door hardware.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. We’re happy to let you know (and we think you’ll be happy too) that every KB home features Kwikset® interior door hardware with Microban® 24/7 antimicrobial product protection to make your home fresh and cleaner.

When it comes to bacteria, no one likes to think about it, let alone talk about it. But this is good to know. Microban antimicrobial technology has a layer of protection that inhibits the growth of microbes, such as bacteria, mold and mildew on product surfaces. That means your interior door hardware (in select finishes) will stay cleaner, longer. In fact, it helps keep your doorknobs and handles 99.9% cleaner than unprotected surfaces.

This antimicrobial coating also lasts for the lifetime of the hardware finish and eliminates the need to clean your door hardware. However, we all know that life can get messy due to everyday occurrences. The Microban antimicrobial technology is not intended to replace those necessary cleanings but provides a solution that helps keep your door hardware clean and protected.

Hands-free technology can boost health and wellness.

During a visit to the Design Studio, you’ll discover a host of options for your new home, including MotionSense™ touchless faucets like the Moen Wave Sensor.

MotionSense faucets have touchless activation, so you can easily turn water on and off with the wave of a hand. This technology helps control the spread the germs, save water and minimize waste. Now that’s impressive.

Sensors can also play an important role in monitoring your home’s air quality and water filtration. Amazingly, the Delos™ DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence Network does just that. It’s the world’s first wellness intelligence ecosystem that minimizes environmental factors in your home to enhance your health and well-being.

Presently, the DARWIN is available in select KB Home communities, so please contact your design consultant at the Design Studio for information.

Lighting to illuminate your life.

Everyone loves good lighting, because it’s flattering and it also helps create just the right mood for different occasions. But did you know that lighting also contributes to better physical and mental health?

Let’s start with the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which simply put, is a measurement of light in relation to how it affects the appearance of color. The higher the CRI, the better, because it’s producing light that matches a natural light source, like the sun.

KB Home uses Traverse II LED downlights with a CRI of 90, so your interiors are clear and bright, colors are vivid, and finishes have more luster. And there’s this. Depth acuities are better, which helps boost your safety at home.

A better home for healthier living.

From the carpeting under your feet to the paint on your walls, the indoor air you breathe and even the doorknobs you turn, we are committed to building new homes where your family can enjoy a more healthful life. Today and for all the wonderful years to come.