A Precious National and Natural Resource

America’s national forests are the foundation of our country’s heritage of outdoor recreation and adventure — they also sustain our way of life. These spectacular wildlands that span 193 million acres supply drinking water to thousands of communities and help clean our air.

Our forests also provide 9,000 miles of scenic byways to drive, 4,400 miles of wild rivers to float, 5,100 campgrounds to get outdoors, 122 mountain areas to ski, and nearly 150,000 trails to hike.

This precious natural resource, however, is at risk due to wildfires, invasive species and disease, which is why planting new trees and protecting old-growth forests are critical. As these trees grow and mature, they help fight global climate change, boost biodiversity — and improve critical habitat for thousands of species of fish and wildlife to thrive.


A Meaningful Partnership 

KB Home is proud to partner with the National Forest Foundation and be part of their mission to plant 50 million trees to restore the vital diverse public lands that provide so much to so many, and to conserve America’s mature and old growth forests.

As a company, we have long-voiced our support for the protection of intact ecosystems and critical habitat. And we firmly believe it is not necessary to cut old-growth forests in order to provide the raw materials needed for our business, as there are plenty of managed forests that can supply wood for homebuilding.

It is this ongoing commitment to the environment that has made us especially proud to work alongside the National Forest Foundation and contribute to replenishing and preserving our national forests — a uniquely American legacy of public lands.


The National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation was chartered by Congress and is the leading organization to inspire forest conservation efforts and to promote responsible recreation.

The focus of their mission to care for treasured landscapes is replanting thousands of acres of habitat nationwide and protecting mature, old-growth forests. The Foundation’s efforts and partnerships provide natural climate solutions and enhance resilience and ecological diversity — improving these lands for future generations.

Why We Plant and Protect Our Forests

Climate Change

A single tree planted in a National Forest can store a half ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime, which helps to mitigate global climate change and increase the carbon storage potential of our forests. When trees are harvested, carbon is released back into the atmosphere, further worsening climate change.

Clean Air and Water

Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and remove harmful pollutants from the air, acting as a natural air filter. Logging and other forest threats disrupt that water network by introducing sediment and pollutants.

Wildlife Habitat

National Forests hold thousands of species of wildlife in complex ecosystems. Post-disturbance reforestation enhances habitat while providing structural diversity for wildlife.

Outdoor Recreation and Enjoyment

Forests provide beautiful scenery and recreation opportunities, which benefit mental well-being and strengthen our connection with the natural history of public lands.

Priority Reforestation Across the Country

The National Forest Foundation uses a time-tested, science-based approach to restoring America’s national forests, focusing on high-priority regions across the country that each have their own urgent reforestation needs. They work closely with the U.S. Forest Service and its partners to plant trees where they are needed most.

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