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There’s a powerful system of energy, water, environmental and building efficiency working to help save you money when you own a new KB home. You can’t see it, but it’s there. It’s called the e DIFFERENCE™. And it’s only at KB Home.

Energy Efficiency


All KB homes include a variety of energy-efficient features to help our homeowners save money and precious natural resources.

Energy Star Third-party certifications: you don't have to take our word for it; all our homes are inspected by third-party energy raters in order to earn the U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR® certification.  In select markets, we also participate in additional green building programs such as GreenPoint Rated, Build San Antonio Green, and USGBC's LEED for Homes.

Typical Energy cost comparison

Energy Performance Guide® (EPG®): buying a new home has many advantages, including substantially better operating efficiency over an existing or typical new home with lower energy costs. The EPG provides an estimate of both monthly energy costs and monthly savings over a typical resale home. We provide a HERS Index score (Home Energy Rating System) for our new homes in all states other than California. For homes which are scored on the HERS Index, our average score in 2012 was 68.  By comparison, a typical new home averages a score of 100 and a typical resale home averages a score of 130.

Award winning energy efficiency: 2013 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Award winner (three years in a row); #1 Green Homebuilder in most recent Calvert Investments Study;  earned seventeen 2013 ENERGY STAR Leadership in Housing Awards (company-record, covering all of our markets)

ENERGY STAR Legacy and Impact: Since joining ENERGY STAR in 2000, we have built more than 75,000 ENERGY STAR certified homes. The EPA estimates that homeowners living in these 75,000+ homes save $33 million in one year on utility bills and avoid the equivalent of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 37,000 vehicles annually.

Continued Innovation: We strive to offer homebuyers new ways to build a more sustainable home-with over 80% of our communities in Southern California offering solar power systems as a standard or optional feature and solar power systems available at select communities in Colorado, Northern California, Nevada, Texas and Florida. Our net-zero energy home designs and options, called the ZeroHouse 2.0 are now available at select communities in California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Florida and Washington, D.C.

Our ongoing initiatives focus on these key areas:

Energy Efficiency and Building Science Innovation
Water Efficiency and Conservation
Consumer Awareness And Waste Reduction

Water Efficiency


WaterSense labeled standard: All KB homes include WaterSense labeled bathroom faucets, toilets and showerheads. KB Home was the first build to partner with WaterSense and build the first WaterSense labeled new homes in Roseville, California. To date, KB Home has constructed the most WaterSense labeled new homes in the nation. We are the only builder to be recognized as a WaterSense Partner of the Year for two years in a row (2012 and 2011).

Water efficiency and savings: The water efficient standards included in every new KB home, at no added cost to our customers, result in a total estimated annual utility bill savings of $350 when compared to a typical existing home.

Third-party certification: In addition to being a WaterSense partner in Las Vegas, we build all our homes to the Water Smart Home standards, and have done so since 2005.

Our ongoing initiatives focus on these key areas:

Energy Efficiency and Building Science Innovation
Water Efficiency and Conservation
Consumer Awareness And Waste Reduction

Customer Awareness


Educating tomorrow's homeowners: We held special events for elementary and middle school student groups at the opening of our ZeroHouse model homes in Orange County, Las Vegas, Denver and Houston. At these events, students enjoyed presentations from local elected officials, our supplier partners and KB Home employees about the benefits of net-zero energy homes and solar power. KB Home made a cash donation to each of the participating schools in an amount equal to the annual savings a ZeroHouse homeowner would enjoy.

Preparing the future workforce: We took our model home opening in the Metro D.C. market as an opportunity to assist in the preparation of the construction workforce of the future by hosting a group of area trade school students for a tour of both the completed ZeroHouse as well as a frame walk of a home at the pre-drywall stage. Officials from the U.S. EPA and the Department of Energy, along with the county supervisor, also participated in commemorating the opening of our first ZeroHouse in their backyard.

Using recycled materials: We focus on selecting products containing recycled content where we can. For example, we use carpeting from Shaw® that is made from Anso® nylon and consists, in part, of old carpeting, remanufactured in Shaw's "cradle-to-cradle" process. According to Shaw, every KB home that uses carpet made from Anso nylon saves, on average, 100 cubic feet of landfill space.

Reducing on-site job waste: In 2007, 65% of our homes were built with preconstructed panels. Today, 98% of homes are built using these panels, which help minimize waste, increase durability and are constructed off-site for greater precision. Our purchasing teams are diligent about ordering the exact quantities of materials needed to avoid bringing waste onto our job sites. We try to recycle as much of the waste we generate as we can in order to divert it from our nation's landfills. When we began tracking our recycling efforts in 2009, only 44% of our communities had incorporated recycling into their standard job site practices. Now, and for the last three years, more than 64% of our communities do so. And in five of our divisions, we are proud to say job site recycling programs are in place at 100% of our communities.

Sustainability Reports

Our KB Home Sustainability Report details how KB Home is lessening the environmental impact of our business and our homes and increasing awareness of how each of us can make a difference every day.