Why is color so important to my living space?


Colors influence how we see the world, literally, and the way we incorporate bright hues or warm shades inspires the ambiance for any room. Our design consultants can help with paint selections, so you can choose what you love at the Design Studio. Read on for more.

Color trends are more influential than you may realize, because they set an aesthetic standard for home décor, fashion and even the cars we drive. It’s no surprise that the colors in your new home are so important to the visual appeal and overall ambiance of every room.

From your walls to backsplash tile, countertops and flooring, your design consultant at the KB Home Design Studio will work with you every step of the way to help you choose what makes you feel right at home.

Color that inspires.

Home is where we should feel relaxed, connected and joyful. For colors that evoke positive emotions and provide comfort, homebuyers gravitate toward neutral shades. Blues and greens are also enduringly popular, as these colors inspire tranquility, freshness and renewal. All good things.

Home is a creative canvas for your unique style.

A little splash of color goes a long way and Emser Tile has some great choices to let your personality shine. For instance, their glass mosaic tiles in navy blue and forest green are some of the Design Studio’s most popular choices for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes.

Bedrooms are our personal sanctuary after a long day, so it’s only natural for these spaces to include neutral, soft colors for a restful environment. Sherwin-Williams® has a variety of fresh, clean paint shades that will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed.