Why are third-party ENERGY STAR® inspections important?

When you’re buying a new home, what you don’t see behind the walls matters as much as what you can see. The way your home is insulated, how well doors and windows are sealed, and making sure heating, cooling, ventilation and other energy systems are working efficiently are key to a higher standard of construction. And a higher quality of life.

Every home we build is designed to be ENERGY STAR® certified, delivering energy savings that help to lower the cost of ownership and is better for the planet. Our homes undergo significantly more systems engineering than homes built to current building codes, plus extensive testing and verification from third-party inspectors in order to pass rigorous certification standards set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

During inspections, the energy rating company applies a set of comprehensive ENERGY STAR® lists to check (and double-check!) that materials have been installed properly, plus, it lets us identify and correct any potential issues before you move in.

The result? Your family will enjoy a healthier home, greater efficiency, improved comfort, quality, value and durability from day one.

Stay comfortably cool and warm all year long.

Let’s go behind the walls, literally. Your home’s thermal enclosure system is key to your overall comfort, so third-party inspectors carefully check for quality installed insulation and comprehensive air sealing. They look for any gaps in drywall, air loss in duct boards, and verify the depth and thickness of insulation.

Inspectors also check the design and installation of the home’s high efficiency heating, ventilating and cooling systems to make sure they’re working properly. These systems deliver optimal comfort, control the supply of fresh air throughout your new home, and reduce dust and allergens. Inspectors also use some pretty cool gadgets and technology to verify that temperatures are consistent and that there’s an even distribution of filtered and conditioned air.

Consider the blower door machine. This powerful fan mounts into the frame of an exterior door to pull air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside to check for unsealed cracks and openings — this test measures a home's airtightness. An airtight home helps to reduce energy consumption from uncontrolled air leakage, and avoids issues with moisture condensation as well as uncomfortable drafts from the outdoors.

When your home is properly sealed from wall-to-wall, rooms stay cooler, your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard and it’s not drafty. All of this adds up to comfort, efficiency and savings — and a cleaner home. Plus, your home will be nice and cool in the summer and feel warm and cozy in the winter.

Windows for sunshine and efficiency.

Your KB home also comes complete with Low E, dual-paned windows, which can block up to 90% of UV rays streaming into your house. Third-party inspectors make sure every window meets ENERGY STAR® requirements and is properly installed for optimal performance, so you get to enjoy the sun’s natural light without heating up your home.

Energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

We recognize that energy efficiency is a win for our homeowners, and the environment. Every KB Home includes ENERGY STAR® appliances and energy-efficient lighting to keep utility costs low and provide great performance. So every time you turn on a light, wash the dishes or do the laundry, know your home has been designed to help conserve resources and help save you money.

Water management keeps your home dry.

The materials outside your home are just as important as the materials inside — that’s why one of the big items during inspections is the water management system. From the foundation to the roof, inspectors check to make sure your home will be protected against leaks and moisture damage, and that your new home has a properly installed and sealed weather resistant barrier to keep the water out.

Our customers love saving money, don’t you?

Did you realize that 81% of buyers will choose one new home over the other based on energy efficiency? That’s pretty impressive, and so are these numbers. ENERGY STAR® certified homes use 20% less energy than typical new homes, saving you thousands of dollars over years of homeownership. In fact, some of our homeowners are paying less for their new, larger KB floor plans compared to the utility costs of the much smaller, older homes they moved from.

Checked and verified to a higher standard.

KB goes above and beyond (and from top to bottom) to ensure that your new home has been inspected, approved and working properly. Our attention to detail and our commitment to deliver high quality and value add up to great benefits for you.