Healthy Home

Supporting the Indoor Ecosystem

People typically spend at least a third of their lives in their home each day, which is why we endeavor to make the indoor ecosystem in our homes supportive of a healthier, more desirable living environment for our homeowners and their families. This is an emerging area of focus in sustainability and one that is of increasing importance for both our homebuyers and us.

We embrace a larger view of sustainability that includes the health of our homeowners and their families along with the health of our environment. In addition to energy efficiency, our ENERGY STAR® certified KB homes provide improved air quality, better ventilation and filtration, reduced outside noise due to the well-insulated building envelope and important air-sealing and moisture control provision requirements compared to typical new and resale homes.

Indoor airPLUS

We were a pioneer in the homebuilding industry in joining EPA’s Indoor airPLUS program. Indoor airPLUS builds on the foundation of ENERGY STAR requirements with additional construction specifications designed to provide comprehensive indoor air quality protections in new homes, including moisture and mold control, radon-resistant construction, pest barriers and healthier building materials. These indoor air quality features are verified by an independent third-party inspector to ensure that they have met all of EPA’s rigorous guidelines.

In 2015, KB Home received EPA's Indoor airPLUS Leader Award, the only national homebuilder to be so recognized to date.

After building Indoor airPLUS qualified homes in several divisions, we committed to the goal of having one Indoor airPLUS qualified home under construction in every KB Home division by the end of 2017. Unfortunately, we fell short of that goal and have shifted our timeline forward to 2018. We did make progress on advancing our work by opening the first Indoor airPLUS community in the San Diego market in 2017.

Faces of Sustainability

Magali Delmas, UCLA Professor, KB Home National Advisory Board Member

As a member of the [KB Home] National Advisory Board, I have witnessed the growth and evolution of KB Home’s sustainability journey. I am particularly excited about their KB ProjeKt® concept homes that bundle sustainable design with usability and health and wellness. Because of KB Home’s scale, these concepts can have a positive ripple effect across the entire industry.

Magali Delmas
UCLA Professor
Author of “The Green Bundle: Pairing the Market with the Planet”
KB Home National Advisory Board Member

Healthy Home Products

Every KB home features products that support a healthier indoor air environment, including:

  • 100% low-VOC interior paint
  • 100% low-VOC carpeting
  • high-performance ventilation systems with MERV 8–rated filtration for the whole home to reduce allergens and irritants while providing fresh air
  • a tightly sealed building envelope, with a focus on sealing entry points around the roof, walls and windows to minimize water and pest intrusion
  • high-grade insulation that supports a quieter, more restful indoor environment

In 2017, we enhanced our Healthy Homes platform with advanced products designed to help KB homeowners maintain a cleaner home, including Kwikset® interior door hardware with Microban® antimicrobial product protection. The silver-based technology featured on these Kwikset products is specially formulated for door hardware and designed to provide antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the products, including those used in high-traffic areas like bedrooms and baths.