Consumer Education

Sustainability is as much about engaging and motivating consumers as it is about technology and materials advancements.

As a company whose entire business model is based on an exceptional and deep understanding of our customers, we know the importance of putting our homebuyers at the heart of everything we do. That is why consumer education and outreach has always been an integral part of our approach to sustainability.

In 2017, we held numerous consumer education and outreach events, including the celebration of our milestone 100,000th ENERGY STAR® certified new home delivered, home energy rating demonstration events in partnership with RESNET®, our seasonal Beat the Heat campaign promoting our energy- and water-efficient features as well as offering tips to keep cool during the summer months and other events. We use these events to demonstrate the direct, measurable results of the sustainability we build into every KB home and how they can contribute to creating a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for our homebuyers. A core message continues to be how conserving energy and water can lower the long-term costs of homeownership for our customers.