2018/19 Priorities

In our inaugural sustainability report in 2008, we outlined our long-term strategic goals, which have continued to evolve over time. We take a broad approach to sustainability, focusing on energy efficiency, water conservation, healthier home environments, smart systems and waste reduction, to help improve our homebuyers’ quality of life, reduce the long-term cost of homeownership and support the environment we all share.

In 2018 and into 2019, we will work to advance our core sustainability goals with the following priorities and strategic initiatives: 

  • Reach our long-term goal of an average company-wide HERS® score of 55, a target that we set in 2014 and have made consistent, meaningful progress toward each year since.

  • Provide our customers with additional information about the expected energy performance of their homes.

  • Enhance the homes we build with product improvements and new product introductions across our core eDifference® categories, including expanding our Smart Systems and Healthy Home features.

  • Design and build our health-focused, next-generation KB ProjeKt® concept home of the future as our dedicated R&D activity for 2018, working in collaboration with core strategic partners and other resources to help identify and foster the future of the American home for consumers and our industry.

  • Lead pilot of new HERSH2O national water-efficiency rating system we are co-developing with RESNET® and the NRDC, which is intended to help homebuyers and other stakeholders, such as utilities, to quantify the expected water-efficiency performance of rated homes.

  • Make progress toward our objective of reaching zero landfill waste from our construction operations by 2025.