The Home We All Share: Environmental Sustainability

The Home We All Share: Environmental Sustainability

We are in the business of designing and building communities, so supporting the home we all share—our environment—is a natural extension of what we do every day, and over the last decade of daily focus, it has become an essential part of our company purpose and culture. It’s in our nature.

While many consumers believe environmental efficiency is a given when buying a new home, the truth is just 10% of the new homes built in the U.S. in 2016 and 2017 meet ENERGY STAR® certification standards, and even fewer deliver water conservation and other environmentally mindful features. KB Home built its first ENERGY STAR new home in 2000 and has built more than 115,000 ENERGY STAR new homes since then. In 2007, we formally adopted our sustainability vision and principles, and in 2008, we issued our first annual Sustainability Report. We were the first national builder to take on water conservation as an important topic and partner with EPA’s WaterSense® program. Additionally, health and wellness, smart systems and waste reduction have become important areas of focus for consumers and in our business. We are energized for what the future holds for our company and our homebuyers as we enter the second decade of our sustainability focus.

Making a Meaningful Impact


The 115,000+ ENERGY STAR certified homes KB Home has built have saved $658 million in utility bills and reduced CO2 emissions by 4 billion pounds, which is the equivalent of removing 382,000 cars from the road or planting 46 million trees.

KB Home has built 6,000+ solar photovoltaic–powered homes, with a cumulative 14 megawatts installed, producing 23 million kilowatt hours annually, removing 35 million pounds of CO2 and saving $4.7 million each year.


Built 13,000+ WaterSense and Water Smart homes and installed nearly 500,000 WaterSense labeled fixtures, conserving 1.4 billion gallons of water each year.


Installed 76,000+ enhanced air filters (mostly MERV–8 rated) that can improve indoor air quality and create healthier living conditions. Also, we were early adopters of low- or no-VOC paint, carpeting and insulation.


Installed 24,000+ smart thermostats (Côr® and Wiser®) that help homeowners manage their heating and cooling energy usage through remote access and software platforms that provide performance monitoring, data analytics and visualization. In addition, we pioneered smart system technologies like energy and water usage dashboards and Demand/Response systems; smart appliances; energy storage systems; LED lighting; and smart locks and security systems.