About KB Home: Innovating with Purpose

About KB Home: Innovating with Purpose

For more than 60 years, innovation has been at the heart of our business. From imagining that a local homebuilder could become a Fortune 1000 American business, to imagining that first-time homebuyers could afford the luxury of personalization and a highly efficient, environmentally thoughtful home—every major leap forward in our history has been about marrying an innovative idea with strong operational purpose and execution. We believe we have been a disruptive force for change in our industry, challenging how things have always been done, then driving operational efficiency improvements to these innovations to make them attainable. Because without effective execution, an innovation is just another idea.

Our Vision for Sustainability

To become a leading environmentally sustainable national company by engaging the talents of our employees and trade partners; to utilize the power of our innovative business model to minimize the impact of our business and homes on the environment; to increase positive change in the protection of our Earth and its resources; and to continue to make the dream of homeownership attainable to consumers.

Guiding Principles for Sustainability

When we published our first annual Sustainability Report in 2008, we identified five guiding principles that continue to drive everything we do today:

  • Offer sustainable and affordably priced homes, products and features that minimize our homeowners’ carbon footprint and energy usage, conserve natural resources and create more sustainable homes and communities.
  • Utilize our history of innovation and process-driven approach to reduce waste and natural resource usage throughout our organization.
  • Be an active and responsible member of the communities in which we operate.
  • Be an educator for all our employees, homebuyers and business partners regarding home energy conservation and environmental sustainability.
  • Maintain our standards of transparency and corporate citizenship by publicly reporting on the progress in and challenges to our sustainability efforts.

Stakeholder Guidance and Sustainability Priorities

As sustainability has evolved over the last decade, companies are increasingly evaluating their sustainability priorities with their key stakeholders. As part of our first comprehensive Sustainability Report in 2008, we evaluated the impact of our business operations and solicited input from select stakeholders. We used these findings to determine where we should focus our sustainability initiatives. As the developer of a durable consumer product that requires significant energy use in its daily operation over an extended lifespan, we found that our potential impact on our homes’ long-term energy usage was of greatest importance to our stakeholders. As a result, we have made increasing the energy efficiency of our homes our primary sustainability focus. In addition, as a builder operating in some of the most water-challenged regions of the U.S., water conservation has become a second area of focus. Our sustainability reporting, including this current report, consistently reflects these determinations. These priorities guide our strategic decision-making, stakeholder engagement and reporting framework.

Faces of Sustainability

Satti Brown, Inland Empire Division, KB Home

Sustainability is a quest I am proud to be part of at KB Home. It is so satisfying to see how incremental changes and the sustainability practices ingrained in our daily actions pay dividends to our mission, while providing the opportunity to maximize value for our customers.

Satti Brown
Inland Empire Division
KB Home

Past Reports

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