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innovation is in our nature

For more than 60 years, innovation has been at the heart of our business. From imagining that a local homebuilder could become a Fortune 1000 American business, to imagining that first-time homebuyers … More »

Environmental Sustainability

the home we all share

We are in the business of designing and building communities, so supporting the home we all share—our environment—is a natural extension of what we do every day, and over the last decade … More »

Social & Economic Sustainability

building communities

Sustainability is not only about being “green” or offering energy-efficient products. For a company, it is also about being a financially sustainable business that can grow in the shifting … More »


We're in the business of building communities, not just houses.

Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of our sustainability focus for one simple reason: it is what our homebuyers care about. Learn about how our history of dedication delivers meaningful results and a core competitive advantage. More »

We were the first national builder to make water conservation a priority by joining EPA’s WaterSense program and have been an early proponent of select emerging technologies. More »

We embrace a larger view of sustainability that includes the health of our homeowners and their families along with the health of our environment. Our focus in this emerging area is on creating a healthier, more desirable indoor ecosystem. More »

We believe the future of sustainability will be largely driven by innovations in technology that create a seamless flow between greater convenience and greater efficiency, while providing an increased quality of life. More »

About the Report

This is our 11th annual sustainability report, which follows our most recent report published on Earth Day in April 2017. In this report, we discuss our accomplishments and challenges in 2017 and our top goals and priorities for 2018 and beyond. We are committed to achieving these objectives, subject to shifts in the business climate. In addition, with this report, we seek to foster continued discussion and engagement with all of our stakeholders on the complex issues surrounding sustainability. All information provided in this report is for our fiscal year ended November 30, 2017, unless otherwise noted.

Inquiries regarding our sustainability initiatives can be directed to sustainability@kbhome.com.