Don’t think you can afford to own a home in Brentwood? Think again.
We’ve heard the myths, and we believe that we can disprove them.

MYTH: Renting is cheaper than buying.
TRUTH: Bay Area rents are sky high and rising! With after-tax benefits, homeownership can be less expensive.* Plus, a fixed-rate mortgage will help you lock in a monthly payment for up to 30 years.

MYTH: I need a 20% down payment.
TRUTH: The majority of Sparrow at Marsh Creek homebuyers make a down payment of 5% or less. Some first-time buyer programs require no down payment or as little as 3.5% down payment.† Speak to a lender about your options.

MYTH: You need perfect credit to buy a home.
TRUTH: A less-than-perfect credit history or credit challenges don’t have to stand in your way of owning a home. Lenders consider many factors besides your credit score.

MYTH: Interest rates are high.
TRUTH: Interest rates are still near historic lows. You CAN buy a home that is built just for you, designed to reflect your personal style, and still lock in a great interest rate.

You won’t believe how little your down payment can be.
Own 2,053 sq ft for $4,508.62 a month (30 years) at Sparrow at Marsh Creek with PITI, 30-year fixed FHA, 3.5% down 5.13%/6.13% APR ‡ §
‡Advertised monthly payment assumes a sales price of $567,000 and includes principal, interest, taxes, insurance and estimated mortgage insurance premium only; any other fees such as HOA not included and will result in a greater actual monthly payment amount.

You CAN afford to own a brand new KB home. Visit Sparrow at Marsh Creek to see for yourself.

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