At KB Home, our foundation is built on relationships. For over 60 years, we have been dedicated to an exceptional customer experience so you have a trusted partner in the homebuying process. And that includes being there for warranty support and coverage.

Rest assured that our team is here and ready to help. While certain precautions and procedures are intended to help ensure a healthy environment and the well‒being of our employees and homeowners, we recognize our ongoing obligation to you for your warranty service.

The safety of our customers, employees and business partners is a high priority for us.

Over the past several weeks, KB Home and our business partners adopted policies to protect employees from elevated interaction levels which resulted in the suspension of certain non‒emergency service requests. Now that many states and counties are open or planning to open soon, KB Home is working to resume services that will include non-emergency warranty requests in these areas.

If your home is in an area where KB Home is resuming services, and you had previously submitted a non-emergency service request that was suspended, a KB Home customer service representative will contact you to schedule an appointment to resolve the concern. Should you wish to continue to defer service out of a desire for reduced interaction and your own well‒being, KB Home will honor this request and schedule service for a later date.

For homes in states or cities that do not have a set date to open, KB Home will continue to accept non-emergency in-person service requests but will defer scheduling interior work until in-person services can resume in your area.

Also, in areas where in-person service must be temporarily deferred, we understand that a true emergency issue could arise (see list of items below*) that would require immediate attention for the health and safety of residents in the home. Service requests submitted online or to the emergency service phone numbers listed at will be monitored, and any emergency issues will be addressed as best as possible, within the limits of the COVID‒19 restrictions.

In any case where a warranty service request has been deferred to a later date, please know that KB Home stands behind its warranty obligations and we will extend any warranties for the duration of this period, so that your requests will be fully honored once we are past these unprecedented circumstances.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to provide you with the best homeowner experience, while maintaining as healthy an environment as possible.

*Emergencies are defined as anything that may make a home uninhabitable. Of course, the terms of our New Home Limited Warranty still apply:

  • Loss of heat during the winter (extreme cold)
  • Loss of air conditioning during the summer (extreme hot)
  • Sewer back‒up in all toilets
  • Major interior water leak/water intrusion
  • Failure of an outdoor lock
  • Gas leak
  • Loss of power to the entire home