Valentine’s Day Decor: 8 Ways to Decorate your Home with Love

These days, there’s a new spin on Valentine’s Day, including valentine decorations, taking it from the age-old celebration of romantic love to a celebration of love in general.

This is welcome news to many of us who have had it with overpriced roses, cheesy white teddy bears, and sappy greeting cards. Not to mention, celebrating a general season of love is inclusive to everyone – from passionate lovers to children, singles, spouses, grandparents – even pets.

Along those lines, many home designers are introducing fresh takes on Valentine’s Day décor that go beyond white lace doilies and conversation hearts to bring about a more modern, chic vibe. Check out this home décor inspiration and start spreading the love in your KB Home.

First: use what you have on hand

Before going out and purchasing Valentine’s decorations, take a look at what you already have in your home. Check your cupboards and closets for white, red, pink, silver and gold items that can be paired together. Don’t forget to look at your holiday decorations, as many red and white items can be repurposed for Valentine’s Day. Create arrangements with objects you find to bring a Valentine’s vibe to your home – no hearts required. Pair bright red books with a white candle or small arrangement of white flowers on your coffee table. Place a red and white mug on the window sill. Turn a book about love face-out on your bookshelf. These little gestures create moments throughout your home, and won’t become instantly outdated once February 15th rolls around.

Spruce up your hanging hooks

Coat hooks aren’t just for coats and hats – they’re a great vehicle for holiday décor, and switching seasonal items on and off couldn’t be easier. Items placed on hooks need a good refresh every few days to stash away items that aren’t being used. (why hang raincoats and umbrellas on hooks if there’s no rain in the forecast for days?) If you have some hooks to spare, why not make yours as pretty as possible? If you don’t have extra hooks – think about hanging more! By switching out the hodgepodge of umbrellas and jackets on this set of hooks for a heart-shaped wreath and some color-coordinated hanging items, we created something welcoming and seasonal. We traded our usual throw pillow on the mudroom chair for this red version (TJ Maxx, $9.99), hung a paper banner above the mirror (Target, $1) and with very little effort, we’ve got a great Valentine vibe.



Add fresh flowers

While your garden is most likely still in winter mode, spring flowers are just starting to hit the supermarket shelves. Pink, white, or red flowers are beautiful options and hint at spring days to come. While mixed supermarket bouquets can veer into cheesy territory, you can never go wrong with arrangements of single color blossoms. Varieties like white tulips, red roses, and pink peonies are all excellent choices. Even carnations lose their cheap feel if you group them in single color arrangements. Some light greenery from the grocer or your yard can soften the look. Pair them with whatever vase or pitcher you already have that fits your Valentine color palette, like this red and white pitcher filled with white hydrangeas.



Sweeten wall spaces with paper garlands

Hanging paper garlands above a mirror, window, or doorway adds a touch of old-fashioned sweetness to any space. There are hundreds of inexpensive valentine’s day garland options in-stores and online. My living room has a fairly earthy color palette, and this pink, gold and white version complements it perfectly. No tape, no pins, no nails – so easy.

Feeling crafty? Try creating your own heart garland – a great activity to do with children. You may like it so much you’ll keep it up all year round.



Dress up a chalkboard

You don’t have to be an artist to create a simple decorative message on your home’s chalkboard, whiteboard, or bulletin board. All you need is love, right? This string of felt balls from Target ($9.99) brightens up the message and takes it beyond the every-day to something a little more special.



Add seasonal charm with throw pillows

Switching out a few key throw pillow covers throughout the year is an easy, inexpensive way to keep your décor fresh and seasonally inspired. Whether on a couch, bed, chair or bench – this simple change-up can give your space a whole new look and liven things up. These particular pillow covers were only $32 for the set (Amazon) and their message of L-O-V-E might just be one we want to keep around past Valentine’s Day.


By adding a table runner (Target, $1) and a wreath of hearts around the flower arrangement, the eating nook feels downright festive.



Let the kids do their thing

It’s very tempting to keep little ones from participating in (i.e., messing up) your décor masterpiece. How much you want to let them do, or not do, is up to you. But considering we’re talking about love, here, it makes sense to let them have a hand in decorating.My 4-year old daughter took it upon herself to add some of her own flair to the décor that didn’t exactly match my vision… but I decided to let her run with it. She’s very proud of her installation of felt hearts on the wall, and it makes me happy to see her taking pride in our home. Check out these kid-friendly Valentine’s Day craft ideas that are fun for all ages.



Welcome your guests with love

This heart-shaped wreath on our front gate says “we love you” to everyone who enters. Even the mail carrier. And we’re fine with that.



Relax and Enjoy

Whether you’re a puppy or a human, there’s nothing like finding a patch of sunlight to enjoy when your work is done.



Love is always a great message to spread, and Valentine’s Day gives us the perfect excuse. It means even more in the dark winter months when we can use all the cheer we can get. So, enjoy your decorating and love-spreading. As the saying goes – “Home is where the heart is,” and a love-filled home is a happy place to be.

Searching for a DIY option to welcome your guests with love? Try creating a string heart display. This decoration is relatively simple to make and can even become a staple item in your home to share the love year round.

Looking for more design-inspo? Check out this blog about making art the heart of your home!