A Hairy Situation in the Bathroom

We’ve got a hairy situation in the bathroom.

And when you’ve got a lot of hair like I do, it happens quite often.

Over time, hair and other gunk can clog bathroom pipes, making it difficult for the bathtub, shower or sink to properly drain. It’s important to regularly cleanse bathroom pipes every month or two to keep them working properly so that you don’t get a backup of funky water hanging out around your feet in the shower (Gross, right? It’s happened to the best of us.)


Maintaining clean pipes is pretty easy! There are some simple and chemical-free steps you can take that can help you avoid any future calls to the plumber.

Pour some extra hot water down the drain. The water coming out of the faucet probably won’t cut it. Personally, I love to use my electric water heater for EXTRA hot water. This hot water helps melt and loosen the gunk.

Use your handy, dandy baking soda and vinegar! With the powers of these two simple ingredients combined, MAGIC HAPPENS. Ok, it’s not magic, but a chemical reaction does make lots and lots of bubbles. Pour a half cup of baking soda first. Follow with a half cup of white vinegar. Let it sit for about 10 minutes to dissolve some of that junk.

More hot water, please! Rinse it all away with another pour of hot water.

Sometimes we forget about routine home maintenance and a little clog can get outta control! When this happens, there’s likely a lot of hair down there. Now, I’ve been guilty of rushing to the hardware store and buying extra strength chemical stuff that I can dump in and call it a day, but now I’m reformed. These super strong de-clogging agents can damage your pipes and in some cases even erode them! (I learned this the hard way and even had to replace some of my pipes.)


My parents taught me a cool trick that I’ll pass along to you. Using a wire hanger (don’t tell Mommie Dearest, but I have a lot of these in my closet!) and a pair of pliers, you can cheaply pull some of that gunk and hair out of there.

  1. Un-bend the wire hanger to be straight.
  2. Using the pliers, bend a small V at one of the ends (about 1-2 inches is all you need bent).
  3. Dip this down your bathroom pipe and twist. This should catch the hair allowing you to gently scoop it up and out of the drain.
  4. Throw this gunk away in the TRASH! Don’t flush down the toilet unless you want to grab a plunger – or a plumber!

When all else fails, CALL A PLUMBER! Sometimes using a professional for the big jobs is your best bet.