Home Away From Home

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you are hosting at your home this year, then you may have already started your Pinterest vision boards to prepare for the holiday festivities.

Not only is there pressure on you as the host to make everything imperfectly perfect but there’s the added responsibility to make sure your guests have a great holiday experience. How can you make your guests feel comfortable when they come to visit? These tips will keep you on the right track.

Have sleeping arrangements decided before your guests arrive This simple step makes all the difference. Imagine walking into someone’s home and they’re still trying to figure out where to “put you.” Determine the sleeping arrangements before your guests arrive so you can greet them with open arms and take them directly to their room. This will give your guests an instant sense of comfort knowing that a designated sleeping spot has been reserved just for them.

Welcome guests with goodies Whenever I stay at my best friend’s house, she always stocks my room with goodies. This unexpected gesture makes me feel extremely special. As a host, it shows you appreciate having guests in your home. Provide them with snacks or sweet treats, perhaps some tea, mints, bottled water and magazines. Your house will be like a hotel – only better because everything was selected with love.


Guest room cart full of essentials Create a fun cart for overnight guests that includes fresh towels, toiletries, reading materials, bottled water, etc. Think of all the things that would make you feel at home when you are traveling. Maybe fresh flowers, a scented candle, extra blankets, some gum, a notepad and pens, and a handwritten welcome. Another idea is to set out a little ‘manual’ that includes useful stuff like the alarm code and Wi-Fi password.

Have something planned Once you have shown your guests their room or sleeping spot, give them some time to unwind from their travels and then have a plan to re-connect. Perhaps it’s dinner at 5, or attending a neighborhood/community activity or event. Maybe you can spend some time catching up before your scheduled activities. Having a plan creates a sense of excitement for your guests and gives their stay more of a vacation appeal.

In-room entertainment The idea is for your guests to feel at home when they are in their room, not to feel trapped or alone. Provide them with everything they would need to be entertained. If you have a TV, show them where the remote is and how to use it. Make sure there is a place for them to charge their electronics when needed. Supply reading materials, favorite books, gossip magazines, etc.  One idea I have seen, that I love, is to leave an assortment of nail polishes available for your guests to use, if appropriate.


It’s the little things you do that can make your guests feel most special. What fun ideas do you have for hosting out-of-town guests? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!