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The Personalities of Color

Do those rows and rows of color hues, with names like Jasper to Rayo de Sol, have you stumped on where to begin in repainting your living room?  No need to stress, we’ve got the tips and tricks from Sherwin Williams Color Expert Sue Wadden, to help you navigate the endless paint choices and paint any room like a modern-day Picasso.

How Colors Make Us Feel

Choosing the best paint colors for each room first starts with understanding the powerful emotions we attach to each color, and what your objective goal is in deciding which emotion you prefer in each room.

That’s where color psychology comes in.  Sherwin-Williams Color Expert, Sue Wadden, offers her expertise in choosing the right color to set the mood.




“Red also inspires appetite, so it’s a logical choice for your dining room or kitchen.”

As seen in photo Sherwin Williams SW 7599 – Show Stopper 



“Oranges are friendly and welcoming, perfect in family rooms, children’s bedrooms or bonus rooms.” 

As seen in the photo Sherwin Williams SW 6885 – Knockout Orange



“Yellow reflects light, making it an excellent choice for foyers and dark hallways.” 

As seen in the photo Sherwin Williams SW 6900 – Optimistic Yellow



“Light greens work well in living rooms and offices, while dark greens make wonderfully rich accent colors.” 

As seen in the photo Sherwin Williams SW 7742- Agate Green.



“Blue is soothing and relaxing – it’s perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.” 

As seen in the photo Sherwin Williams SW 6494 – Lakeshore.



“Purple tones are immediately attractive to children, making them perfect for playrooms.”

As seen in the photo Sherwin Williams SW 6815 – Awesome Violet 


Step by Step Guide to Color Choice

Next, Sue Wadden shares some essential tips on where to start and what to consider when choosing your paint color.

    1. Begin at the Beginning: Determine what features or existing finishes in the room you would consider permanent. Consider the cabinets, tile or a brick fireplace. For example, if the wood of your kitchen cabinets has a red undertone, make sure the paint color you choose works well with that hue.
    2. Create a Focal Point: Emphasize your home’s attractive architectural features, such as crown molding or arched window treatments, with contrasting paint – lighter or darker than the wall – or by painting them with a glossy finish. You can also make one wall an accent wall by painting it a different color, giving it a faux finish, adding wallpaper or a border.
    3. Unify the Color Flow: You can unify rooms by using a common color palette. Create distinct spaces by altering the shade and hue within the common palette.
    4. Emphasize or Minimize: Color can emphasize certain features – and minimize others. A long narrow room will look wider if you use a slightly darker color on the shorter walls and a lighter color on the longer walls. You can make a ceiling appear higher by applying a lighter color, or lower with a darker color. To give a big room a more intimate feel, paint the walls in colors that advance toward you, such as red, gold, orange and brown. To help a small room seem larger, paint the walls in colors that make them appear to recede, such as blue, green or violet.
    5. Reflect on Light Sources: Remember that the color you choose may look different at various times of the day and night. The warm tones of incandescent lights will have a different influence on the color than the natural light of day. Once you’re aware of how different light sources can affect your color choices, you can change your room’s “mood” to match the pace of your day.

Get to Know Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams has been brightening our homes and lives for 150 years, and they offer over 1500 vibrant colors. You can see them in action during National Painting Week, May 25 – June 4, 2018, when Sherwin-Williams and a slew of partners, including KB Home, host painting projects that revitalize local communities.

To view the paint selection available from Sherwin-Williams, please follow the link below. And don’t forget to check out the Color of the Month!