So You Wanna Find Your Dream Home…

The average homeowner is expected to stay in their home for 13 years!

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or current homeowner, it’s important to keep this fact in mind while you’re on your hunt for the perfect new home.

To help you on your journey to find your dream home, we’ve put together a quick list of tips to keep in mind:

· Like where you live. Owning a home is a long-term decision! If you’re going to live there, make sure you enjoy the area. Love shopping? Check if the community is close to a mall! Have kids? Research the school districts nearby. Dread that long commute? Look for a community near the highway.

· Find the right homesite. Want a view? Don’t like stairs? Need a bigger yard? Or maybe you you’d rather not have the maintenance of mowing that lawn? The location of your home within the neighborhood is just as important as where the community is located in your city.

· Do you love your neighbor? Don’t be afraid to ask how others like the community! They’d know best… they live there already after all!

· Determine your “Needs” and “Wants” for your Dream Home. Do you want the extra space of a 5th bedroom? Or would you rather have a home office? How about those oh-so-beautiful granite countertops? When budgeting for your home, sometimes you’ve got to make choices on what is the most important to you and your family. The good thing is, when you’re building your dream KB home, the choice is yours! You can combine your wants and needs in the best ways to fit your budget!

· Bring a Checklist! In the excitement of touring a model home, you might forget which features you love and everything you wanted to ask! Keeping a checklist handy will be the perfect reminder to make sure you find all the answers on your search to your new home.

What is one must-have you search for when house-hunting for your dream home? Let us know in the comments!