Light up your Life with LED Lights

Often times we don’t realize the role good lighting plays in our lives!

From applying makeup in the bathroom to reading recipes in the kitchen to dimming bulbs over a candlelit dinner, lighting choices affect the function, look and feel of every room in your home.

Lighting is important not just for the look of your house but also for the look of your electric bill! Choosing energy efficient bulbs like Sea Gull Lighting’s LED options can lower the amount of electricity used when you flip that light switch to ON. That means less money spent on utility bills and more money available for the lifestyle you enjoy in your home.

Sea Gull Lighting and KB Home are proud partners in presenting LED lighting as a standard feature in all homes at new KB Home communities! To celebrate this partnership, Sea Gull Lighting gave one KB Home family a special surprise…


Sea Gull lighting installed brand new LED lights in the Goldberg family’s KB Home at our Summerlake community. Take a look at these before and after images. What a difference lighting makes, right?





How did new LED lights brighten the lives of the Goldberg family? Check out this video and see for yourself.