Helping Homeowners Achieve Their Dreams: Q & A with a Sales Counselor

What is it like to hand over a set of keys to a brand new home? And how can you prepare to be one of those families on the path to new home ownership?

We talked to KB Home Sales Counselor Katrina Hill to find out!


What is your favorite part of selling homes?

“The most exhilarating part about being a new home sales counselor is handing over the keys to my clients’ brand-new home!” says Katrina. “It feels great to know that my team and I are delivering a quality home.”

Bringing the dream of homeownership into the lives of homebuyers is often as emotional of an experience for Katrina as it can be for the new homeowners!

“I have experienced both sides of the emotional spectrum.  I have sometimes both laughed and cried with my clients when they pick up the keys to their home,” said Katrina.

She says that the road to homeownership can be quite the journey for some but that “persistence pays off.”

For Katrina, “help[ing] someone realize their dream of owning a home – there is no better feeling in the world!”


What was it like the first time you brought the dream of homeownership to life for a family?

“One of the first times I helped a client realize her dream of homeownership, it was both an amazing and enlightening experience. At the time, my buyer just lost her daughter to cancer. [Her daughter] was only 14 years old. [My buyer] was starting over again and thought this would be a fresh start she so desperately needed.  When she closed escrow, she looked up at me and started crying. She just realized that it was her daughter’s birthday and the significance of me handing her the keys to her home on that specific day. She felt like her daughter was giving her a gift and watching over her from heaven. She then smiled because she knew that this was her destiny. I felt so blessed and grateful to be a part of such an amazing process.”


I want to purchase a new home. What are some ways I can prepare before coming into a Sales Office and touring new homes?

Katrina advises her clients to go to a lender to obtain pre-qualification letter. A pre-qualification is helpful because it lets you know how much purchasing power you have, and how much you can afford to spend on a house before you start touring model homes.

“Although having a pre-qualification letter is important, it is not necessary to start the process,” says Katrina. “As sales counselors, we help potential buyers put the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Whether or not you choose to obtain a pre-approval prior to touring, Katrina advises having your list of needs vs. wants determined (i.e. the number of bedrooms, desired square footage, etc.) so that your Sales Counselor can help you find a home that fits your family’s needs.


I’m ready to tour! Is there anything I should bring with me on my first visit to tour homes?

Above everything, Katrina suggests being prepared to make the purchase if you find the home of your dreams. Premium homesite locations can sell quickly, so Katrina advises potential buyers to bring their checkbooks with them on tours so they’ll be prepared to reserve a homesite on their visit.

For more information on reserving a homesite in your area, please check with one of your local KB Home Sales Counselors at a Sales Office near you or call 888-KB-Homes.


What are some of the top questions other future homebuyers are asking? Can a Sales Counselor help me with those?

Katrina says her clients ask most about property tax rates, HOA fees and school zones for the community. Sales Counselors like Katrina are prepared with this information for their KB Home community and can assist with researching answers to specifics you may have on these topics.

Questions about the KB Home Design Studio experience and energy-efficient options are also top inquiries of KB Home homebuyers.

Regarding homebuyer inquiries, Katrina says her experience with each client is “a very hands-on process” to ensure their questions are answered. She says the first step is choosing a floor plan that works best for your family. The next step is touring the various homesites where you could build the home of your dreams!


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out their new home search?

The first thing Katrina suggests is choosing the area where you want to live and determining your budget.

“At the Sales Office, we are equipped to provide various monthly payment estimate scenarios,” says Katrina. “We can also assist the buyer with the pre-approval process and help identify homes that are in the price range they feel comfortable with.”

Katrina also suggests meeting with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to learn about the tax benefits of purchasing a home.


Katrina is a Sales Counselor at KB Home Canyon Heights at Plum Canyon Ranch in Southern California. For more info about this community, you can call Katrina at 661-360-8210.

Do you have any questions for Katrina or another KB Home Sales Counselor? Send us your new home research questions HERE and we’ll make sure someone connects with you!