7 Tips to Touring a Model Home

Building your dream home is no easy task, especially choosing from all of the different home options, design styles, and floor plans. But all of it is worth it when you have the end result of having the home of your dreams.

As you get started in the process, a great way to envision what you want and need for your own home is to tour a model home.  It might seem overwhelming, but we have 7 easy tips to make touring a model home a breeze.

1. Grab a Sales Counselor For Your Tour!

It can be intimidating to tour a model home because you may not know what to expect when taking this step in the process of new homeownership. One of the benefits of touring a new model home is that a Sales Counselor from the builder will be available at all times during the community’s open hours to assist you with a personal tour and answer any questions you may have about building a new home.

2. List Wants Vs. Needs

Prior to your visit, it’s important to make a list of what you would like for your new home. This will help you start your tour with a clear mind. Sometimes searching for a new home can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. Coming in with a prepared list can help you stay focused on your tour and ensure that you make the best choices to fit your lifestyle.

3. Remember to Have Fun!

As you set foot in the first model home, the next tip to remember is to have fun! You’re checking out your future dream home, after all! This is your chance to see how your lifestyle and needs pair with the available floor plans and designs of each model home.

4. Take Notes on What Inspired You

Keep in mind that the model home is just that – a MODEL! It’s professionally decorated and designed to help you see the beautiful potential of your new home. Bring a notepad and take notes on décor highlights, design likes and dislikes, and any details you may want to research or questions to ask later. Snap pics of anything that inspires you (and share your loves with #MyKBHome on social media!).

5. Bring Your Checklist

With your checklist handy, ask yourself some basic questions and what you would like in each room. Does the home have enough storage space? Do you need an extra bedroom for guests or a growing family? Keep in mind which flex space options will make the most sense for your family.

6. Ask the Sales Counselor Anything You Want to Know

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The Sales Counselor is there to help you and make you feel comfortable with the home building process.  Also, the Sales Counselors will assist you in getting a sense of the size, style, and design needs you would like for your new home.  They will help you select your preferred homesite, floor plans and model styles, and go over all Design Studio options.

7. Go for A Drive

Either before or after touring model homes, it can be a good idea to drive or walk around the neighborhood and surrounding areas to get a feel for the community. Explore the community amenities and research local highlights. Nearby trails for hiking, shopping malls, supermarkets, and freeways are all features you want close to your new home.

You’ll be a pro at model home touring in no time! Then get a head start at designing your dream home by checking out our KB Home Design Studio FAQs.