Make Art The Heart of Your Home Decor

Want your home to have a heART? Well you can’t spell heart without the ART!

Decorating doesn’t always come easy, especially when you’ve got no idea where to begin. So as I always say, “Art is a great place to start!” Even the smallest piece of art can inspire the design of an entire room. Find a work of art that you are head-over-heels for and make that the heart of your décor.  As I’m sure the crayon drawings on your fridge may show, sometimes the most beautiful art isn’t the most expensive. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and display personal pieces, even if they don’t match. These DIY art projects are great for inspiration.

The color of your art piece can inspire your room’s entire palette.  Keep in mind that colors don’t have to match, opposites can be good. A color wheel can come in handy to see what colors best coordinate with others. Allow the color of the art piece to help dictate the other colors in the room. The idea is to get an overall design that makes visual sense and is not overwhelming to the eye. If you feel there’s too much of a particular color, then follow your instincts, their usually right and you’ll be better off taking a few pieces out. If your artwork does not have color, then that gives you some room to play. Color can be brought into the room with décor accents, paint, flowers and fabrics.

Remember, complements go a long way. Home décor accents and accessories can complement the art you love and bring the look together. From pillows, blankets, curtains, lamps and vases, there are so many ways to bring it all together. Select items with matching or complementary colors from the art. You could even try both!  That’s part of the beauty of home décor accents and accessories – they’re easy to switch.  It is an affordable way to make a big difference in the look of your home.

If you have a small space, consider using a mirror to act as your work of art. It can do wonders in making things seem brighter and bigger. Pay attention to the frame and the finish. The finish of the frame should match the level of formality or informality of the furniture in the room.

Now give it a try! Do you have a certain work of art in mind? We’d love to see some photos of how you used art in your home as the heart of your home decor. Share them with us on Instagram and tag @KBHome and #MyKBHome.