KB Home & Moen: Shower Design Tips

Create the Perfect Shower in Your New Home with Just a Few Simple Steps

Some people hop in the shower first thing in the morning… Others prefer to rinse off to wind down at the end of the day. As you create your dream house, there are a number of easy ways to transform your shower space into a functional – and most importantly – relaxing and inviting oasis. Here are a few ideas to help you plan and personalize your showering experience.

One Shower, Many Users

When planning a shower setup, be sure to consider all the people who may use it throughout its lifetime. From houseguests to house pets, you’ll want a shower that accommodates everyone’s preferences and needs. Handheld showers are a great option because they’re flexible and multipurpose – they work like a traditional showerhead when docked, but also can be removed and used to bathe children and pets at a lower height.

A great option is Moen’s line of Magnetix handheld showerheads, which provide the convenience of a hand shower, without sacrificing style or performance. A powerful magnetic dock allows for easy release and replace of the showerhead, even with your eyes closed, so there’s no need to interrupt your zen.

Handheld showers, like Magnetix, also are ideal for accommodating those with injuries or disabilities, and make it easier to clean the tub and shower thanks to a 60” kink-free metal hose. Plus, Magnetix is WaterSense® certified, so it helps conserve water with a more efficient flow rate without sacrificing the performance of your shower.

Beautify Your Surroundings

When building a new home, it’s important to add character and life into your new space. Adding a bit of greenery can perk up any room, so why not the bathroom? Try adding plants to give the illusion of a lush outdoor experience. A philodendron is a perfect option because it doesn’t need soil and can thrive in smaller containers. Bringing aromatic plants directly into the shower can also help calm the mind. Try cutting a few sprigs of eucalyptus or lavender to hang in the shower. As the shower fills up with steam, the fragrance will carry throughout the room. Take a deep breath and say ah


Mesh Style with Substance

We spend more than 3,000 minutes in our showers every year! If you’re looking to maximize relaxation time in the shower, think about how you can combine both form and function.

Start by identifying the style you want for your space – traditional, transition or modern – then choose the finish you want to complete your look, coordinating your shower trim with your faucets.

Once you’ve got your design choices down, think about how you want you shower to act in addition to how it looks. How do you want your shower to feel every day? Lots of pressure, or a relaxing massage? For many, the best option is a handheld showerhead with multiple spray settings designed to massage, clean and soothe – like Magnetix hand showers from Moen. Magnetix features six high-performance spray options, ranging from massage to combinations of soft and forceful, full-rinse sprays. And, with multiple finishes available, it will fit right in with your design.