KB Home Families Save Big with Energy Efficient Homes

At KB Home, we place a high value on sustainability and believe being energy-efficient doesn’t mean compromising style or comfort. In fact, the EPA recently recognized our 2016 milestone of building our 100,000th ENERGY STAR certified home! Our passion for sustainability is shared with our partners and has created multiple opportunities for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint in a home they love.

Each KB Home is built with “eDifference,” a sustainability program that focuses on EnergyStar features, Water Wise water conservation, Healthy Home indoor air quality, and Smart Systems home safety. This variety allows for thorough home customization – catering to each family’s lifestyle and preferences.

Specific options for sustainability in a KB Home include high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, Water-Sense faucets and showerheads, low-VOC interior paint and carpeting, and smart system automation features. Whether you are looking to go solar, save water, or have a little automation at home – we have you covered!

Going green with a sustainable lifestyle is not just about conservation, it’s also about saving money. Wouldn’t you rather put your hard-earned dollars toward something fun, instead of another bill? But don’t take our word for it. The KB Home families you got to know in the Portrait Series share stories about how their energy efficient homes have saved them money and home maintenance related hassles. Read on to learn how families are giving back to the planet and their wallets.

The Wooldridges Go to Cancun On Their Savings

Can you imagine looking forward to receiving the energy bill at the end of each month? Corrie Wooldridge cherishes this moment since moving into his solar-powered home. In 2010, KB Home and SunPower partnered to add solar panels to homes in an energy-saving mission. On a large scale, our solar powered homes have offset the production of 11,700 tons of carbon dioxide per year which is the equivalent of removing 2,200 passenger vehicles from the road annually. How does this translate into money in KB homeowners’ pocket? These panels have saved them over $3 million a year! Since our partnership with SunPower, families have been able to experience the bliss of no longer needing to fret over keeping the house cool in the summer or warm in the winter. The panels provided the Wooldridge family incredible financial freedom, in fact, they saved so much money that they were able to pay down debt and take a much-needed honeymoon to Cancun! Now that is efficient.


The Bunches Enjoy Instant Hot Water

Before moving into their KB Home, the Bunch family had a nightmare experience of returning home from a relaxing Hawaiian vacation to find that their full tank water heater had exploded and gone through the platform it rested on. They can now rest easy with their new tankless water heater. It’s small and compact thereby posing less risk to damaging the house. Did you know? Per the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), “You can achieve even greater energy savings of 27%–50% if you install a demand water heater at each hot water outlet. ENERGY STAR® estimates that a typical family can save $100 or more per year with an ENERGY STAR qualified tankless water heater.”


The Waldens Enjoy Healthy Lawns with Lower Water Bills

Like the Bunches, the Waldens like to be water-wise. A tankless water heater in a full house means no one has to fight for hot water in their shower. The Waldens are also appreciative of another water efficient feature: the sprinkler sensor. The sprinkler technology detects when it is raining and will shut off the sprinklers for the day, saving water for when it’s needed.


Water conservation is so important to us at KB Home that we don’t stop at tankless water heaters or smart sprinkler systems. We’ve increased water efficiency in our homes by 20-30% just by installing all Water-Sense fixtures, and our latest partnership with Moen will be taking this progress further. We estimate to save over 8 million gallons annually with this upgrade! We are equally excited about our pilot program with gray water recycling that we’ve been testing out in our Sea Cliff community in Southern California. The soapy water a homeowner uses in their showers and laundry can be recycled for use on lawns and gardens.  Per the EPA, “Successful gray water systems have been operating for many years. They can meet up to 50% of a property’s water needs by supplying water for landscaping. Recycling gray water saves fresh potable water for other uses, reduces the volume of wastewater going to septic systems and wastewater treatment plants, and increases infrastructure capacity for new users.”

How much water do all of these smart water features save? About 100,000 gallons a year, and when combined with the other efficiency features of a KB Home, homeowners are looking at combined utility bills of less than $100 a month! Even better, the savings don’t end there. Did you know that many states offer tax incentives, rebates, and other savings programs for going green with your water utility? Check out the DOE’s site for more info.

The sustainable features offered by KB Home build upon the other to reduce not only your carbon footprint but also the burden on your wallet. Check out our sustainability blogs and Eco-Friendly Pinterest board for more ideas on incorporating earth-friendly practices into your home and everyday life!