Bring the Fall 2015 Runway Trends Home

Often fashion trends influence home design trends, and that’s certainly true for fall 2015. Taking tips from the biggest names in fashion can help you create a trendy feel for every season in your very own home.

We were lucky to get the opportunity to ask Premium Designer Kimberly Winthrop, from Laurel & Wolf, a few questions about how to translate runway themes into beautiful home décor. Here’s what she had to tell us:


What are some of your favorite fall runway trends of 2015?

Kimberly Winthrop:

• Bold rich saturated colors • Graphic Patterns – Mad for plaid, and classic herringbone, brocade • Textures, lace, velvet and fur • Little bit of sparkle and big statement earrings • Ponchos

How can you translate those trends into home décor?

KW: Color is the easiest (and most affordable) way to transform your space. Pulling inspiration from fall colors, you can paint an accent wall or incorporate bold colored accents into your space. Velvet hangs beautifully as a drape, and creates big drama when it’s done in a bold color. Faux fur is great for a throw, and oh so cozy to cuddle up under when it rains. Bold patterns like plaid, brocade and lace are great in accent pillows, to add just a pop of something fun and interesting. When setting tile, classic herringbone and geometric patterns can remind us of fall plaids and other bold patterns.


Are there any fall colors from the runway in particular that stand out to you for incorporating into home décor and if so, what type of room would it fit best?

KW: Colors such as rich marsala/burgundy/wine, and deep teal/emerald green would look amazing as a drape, or accent pillow, and for those who are not as adventurous, smokey gray is a classic. The living room is a great place to incorporate bold colors and make a statement. Grays and blues help the mind relax, so adding those to the bedroom will keep you well rested.


Can you mix and match trends in one living space and if so, what would you suggest combining?

KW: Like fashion, many trends can be mixed. Bringing in a little bit of shine and sparkle in a polished brass lamp works, or a vintage bar cart works well with bolder patterns like lace and plaid. Mixing solid colors help balance out big patterns and keeps them from overwhelming the room. Rugs are a great place to add in color and pattern. A bold rug and complementing color wall can completely transform a room.

Where do you usually go to find your fashionable décor inspiration?

KW: The Internet! Fashion and decor are so intertwined, almost every website has something to say about both. Elle Decor is one of my favorites and I love sites like Pinterest and Houzz where anyone can post their inspirations and you can easily see what is trending.

About Kimberly Winthrop:

Kimberly Winthrop is a graduate of UCLA Extension’s Interior Design Program. A Santa Monica native, Kimberly has worked on many projects throughout Los Angeles and Orange County ranging from corporate offices to 35,000 square foot celebrity homes. Her specialty is residential design and showing her clients how a few subtle tweaks can turn a house into a home. When she isn’t designing, Kimberly spends her free time enjoying the Southern California sunshine and doing triathlons.