New Home, “New” Home Décor! Get the Look for Less.

Sometimes I feel an itch to redecorate a whole room all at once, and as soon as the itch hits, I’ve just gotta scratch it.

New home, new home décor! Right?!

When I start researching exactly what I want for my new space, I get a little overwhelmed.  It’s tempting to want to redesign a new space – I want my dream home to have the décor of my dreams too! But in my dreams, my budget is much larger than it is in real life. Bummer.

I’m the type of person whose home décor style changes as often as the seasons, so I choose to focus my big spending on more long-lasting design choices, like my upgraded tile flooring.


That said, I’ve discovered it’s not impossible to get amazing new and affordable décor to go with your gorgeous Design Studio choices. All it takes is a little planning and a LOT of research.

The first step is changing how you look at the word “new.”

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, I say, take that saying one step further! Sometimes a piece of furniture I thought looked like garbage can be spruced up with a few DIY fixings.

For example, my grandma gave me an old wooden table set, and the chairs had these blah, beige seat cushions.

Pro: The table was FREE.

Con: The seat cushions were BORRRRING.


So what did I do? I went to my trusty Pinterest board of furniture I love and found a new fabric style. I went to a fabric store, purchased a few yards of material and reupholstered the chairs. And you know what? I love that table set now! New seat cushions gave a whole new life to that furniture and only cost me a couple of dollars.

Sprucing up old furniture can easily change the look and feel of your space for a lot less money. But when you move into a bigger place, where can you find furniture to fill up the additional room?

Personally I love to scour second-hand stores like The Salvation Army® and Goodwill® for unique pieces with low price tags. A couple bucks spent on a can of spray paint and you can breathe life back into someone else’s donation.


If you don’t have time to run place-to-place in search of the perfectly priced piece, technology and the Internet will become your new best friends! I love trolling the craigslist® furniture section for lightly used items that can furnish my new space. I find the best time to search for furniture is near the end of the month when people are moving and want to get rid of items.

Apps like Move Loot, Close5 and OfferUp all allow you to research second-hand items easily and on-the-go via your mobile device. I love a good bargain and some of these apps let you ask questions and make your best offer! There is a LOT of stuff for sale on these apps. Sometimes I find a deal too good to pass up and then make an offer on something I don’t even need … so take my advice and go into your research with a clear idea of the items you truly need to furnish your home.


Have you turned something you thought was trash into a piece of home décor treasure? Share your favorite pieces with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook by tagging #KBHome.