Holiday Family Fun & Games

The holidays are the time of year when the warmth and spirit of your family really come alive to make your KB House a home.

The kids are in high anticipation of their presents—ok and maybe some of the adults too, the boxes of decorations are dragged out, and before long the house is dressed in splendid attire while holiday cooking permeates the air—making mouths water. The coziness of the holidays will stay in one’s memory forever, but perhaps the detail that stands in sharpest relief are the stories and laughter shared over holiday family fun and games. Whether your house is filled with classic traditions or you’re looking to create new ones, we have a couple of ideas below. Read on and let the fun times begin… don’t forget the camera to capture those precious moments!

The Classics

Some traditions are passed on from generation to generation and can be traced down through families with each family making these memories uniquely their own.

Decorating the House: Whether you take a trip to the local tree farm, pull out a menorah, or set out bowls of fruits and nuts, decorating is a classic mainstay of every family, no matter which holiday you celebrate. Do you string up lights? Set out figures in your yard? Or perhaps you make your own decorations? Whatever you do, put on your favorite holiday music (check out this joyful playlist!) sing along, and pass around goodies to eat. Once the decorating is complete, gather the family in the same spot, say in front of the menorah or tree, snap a photo and look year after year how the family grows and changes!

Advent Calendars: Whether you buy yours from the store, or create your own, Advent calendars are a fun way for everyone—not just the kiddos—to mark the days, as excitement builds for when they can tear open presents. Looking for something that matches the style of your KB Home, or the interests of your family? Here are a few ideas.

  • Scandinavian: Modern, simple, and a little quirky. Place your favorite message or quote inside.
  • Shabby Chic: Hang a thin leafless branch across a door, and with twine hang unbleached paper envelopes with a sprig of evergreen and unbleached paper label stamped with the day attached. Fill each envelope with a special treat or small goody.
  • Book Advent: Wrap, number and display 25 books and enjoy the surprise of discovering a new favorite and sharing an old one.
  • 25 Days of Kindness: This is a great way to give back. It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger, making a card for an overseas service member, or make cookies for a neighbor.

Holiday Goodies:

With countless hours spent in the kitchen preparing, enjoying and cleaning, holiday meals are the perfect opportunity to transform an annual activity into a beloved tradition. Every family has a recipe or two handed down that must be prepared – or it’s just not the same – but what are other ways to bring tradition in to the kitchen?

  • Potluck Style: Make each family member be responsible for a specific dish. i.e, main dish, appetizers, drinks, desserts, etc. This doesn’t have to mean the food is the exact same every year, rather, it takes the burden of party planning off the shoulders of the host, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy. Doing this year after year can develop a rhythm that will make you and your family feel like professional party planners!
  •  Timing is Everything: Have holiday meals at the same time every year. This is a tradition that can not only live on for generations to come, but also has the potential to eliminate holiday planning stress; knowing a holiday meal is at the same time year after year frees up the schedule for more cherished activities!

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Welcoming New Ideas

Perhaps this KB Home is your first house, and whether you are filling your home with blended family, little ones, furry friends, or newlywed joy, there’s nothing more exciting than creating a new tradition to involve the new people in your life. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Ornament decoration: Whether DIY, decorated, or special ordered add a new ornament that represents you family and your interests (favorite book, movie, sports team, hobby, etc.) each year.

  • Newlywed: Don’t forget to add the year!
  • New child: Whether born, adopted, or blended in, honor them with a new ornament each year!
  •  Fur-baby: Fido and Whiskers deserve to be represented too!

Holiday light tour: Bundle up, grab cameras and pile into the car. Whether neighborhood hopping, going downtown or attending an expertly crafted spectacle, this tradition is sure to delight ages 1 to 92.

The Elf on the Shelf: This holiday story and tradition is still fairly new, but has quickly become a favorite among all ages. Released in 2004, the story of The Elf on the Shelf is that the elves watch the family during the day and return to the North Pole at night to report to Santa how naughty or nice everyone has been. The fun is discovering the elf’s new hiding spot every morning. Families have gotten extremely creative with the hiding spots and delightfully share the shenanigans their elves get up to. Where will you find your elf, next?

Unique Family Fun and Games

Looking for fresh ideas to liven things up, beat snow-day cabin fever, or encourage deeper family time? Try these:

Movie Marathon: Need a fair way to decide which holiday family favorite movie to watch? Make it a surprise! Wrap all your holiday movies and when all are gathered with blankets, pillows, and favorite movie snacks, unwrap the night’s entertainment!

Holiday Themed PJs: What will it be this year? Footy pajamas for the entire family? Snow, candy cane, or Christmas tree motif? Maybe your PJs will have jingle bells or come with reindeer tail. Each way, unwrapping a new set of holiday PJs each year are sure to get a fun laugh.


That’s a Wrap!: Each family member gets their own wrapping paper, but there are no labels on the gifts. Discover which gifts are yours Christmas morning by finding a scrap of your wrapping paper at the bottom of your stocking.

No matter your holiday traditions, take a moment to breathe; sit back, relax, and remember the true reason for the season!

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