Tips to Baking the Perfect Cookies for Santa

Jingle-jingle, sleigh bells ring-le! Santa’s almost on his way!

You know what Santa and I have in common? We both love COOKIES!

Personally, I love baking them as much as eating them, but nothing brings me as much delight as giving them to family and friends to enjoy this holiday season.

Sugar cookies are a timeless, traditional holiday favorite and sure to be a crowd pleasing dessert at your holiday feast. Prepare the kitchen and let the baking commence!


If you’ve got a lot of time (and energy!), rolled sugar cookies with royal icing are the way to go. You can get as creative and festive as you like with cookie cutters and frosting decorations.

Allrecipes has a great rolled sugar cookie recipe with just 7 ingredients and a simple execution.

This Food Network Royal Icing recipe really takes the cake! I love royal icing because you can prepare it as thick or thin as you like, making it great for intricate decorating. It also solidifies quickly, which means transporting cookies is a breeze! No more messed up frosting. You’ll look like a pro.


If chewy sugar cookies are more to your taste, check out this delicious recipe.  There are a few ways to tweak a sugar cookie recipe to increase the chewiness. The key to success is to keep cookies moist. The first way to do this is to bake the cookies just a short time less for a softer texture. Keep cookies soft by increasing the amount of flour by 1 cup or by substituting bread flour for all-purpose flour.

Check out some of these science-proven tips to achieving the desired texture for your holiday cookies!