50 Shades of Grey Flooring

Going gray? Be proud!

On the catwalk and in the home, grayscale is one of the most popular looks of the season.

We got an inside look at the KB Home Design Studio at some of the top trends to keep your toes happy. Gray flooring options are the go-to choice of interior designers and new homeowners for 2016.


It can be easily overwhelming to look at all the options available when choosing your flooring! What’s great about gray is it will go with almost any other color you choose for the rest of your home. Since gray is a neutral color, it isn’t likely to clash with the pops of color in your home décor. (But we can’t promise that new flooring won’t inspire you to want to go shopping for some new home décor accessories!)

50 Shades of Grey wasn’t just a popular book title. It’s about how many shades you could find in flooring options! You could go light, you could go dark. You could choose anywhere in between! With gray options in carpet, hardwood, laminate and tile… there is definitely the opportunity to customize your flooring to be on trend, financially feasible and functional for your family.


Choosing a lighter shade of gray gives brightness and an expansive feel to your space. A darker shade creates a sense of unity and cozy luxury.

We snagged some of the top trending tile, hardwood, and laminate options at the Design Studio for a side-by-side look at this trend. We learned that surprisingly some of the most popular tile choices look just like the wood and laminate! Can you tell which option is which? (Hint: In the four options shown, there are two tiles, one wood, and one laminate; Comment below to find out if you’re right!)


When it comes to upgrading your flooring, homeowners are going BIG. Big tile. Big wood. Now that’s not to say that bigger is necessarily better when it comes to flooring, but going big just might be the smart choice. Bigger flooring pieces means less lines of grout and space between planks and tiles for the dust and dirt to settle, making it easier to sweep up and maintain!

Would you go gray? Tell us how you’d incorporate this trend in your home or show us with a photo on Instagram and hashtag #myKBHome.