Get Home Décor Inspiration from Your Favorite TV Shows

Fall is an excellent time to experiment with new home décor and design trends.

Why not look to your favorite TV show for some inspiration?

Imagine living in a home like the ones you visit every week via television. Replicating the exact set from Mad Men may not be the best for your lifestyle, but there are definitely certain takeaways that you can use to create a similar look and feel in your very own home. ‘The Good Wife’ even inspired a new furniture and accessories collection because the set decorator (and furniture line co-creator) received a high volume of questions from fans asking her about paint colors, furniture, accessories, etc. and where they could buy them. Once you find your inspiration, you have the option to pick décor pieces from luxury brands to your local department stores or even thrift stores. The look you like can be re-created to fit your lifestyle and budget. Here are a few things you can do to bring your favorite TV show home décor into your house.

Bedding-Switch out your bedding to match that of your favorite TV bedroom. Duvet, pillows, blankets, etc. can easily be switched out. It’s a simple and fast way to give your room an entirely new look.

Color Palette’s– Color sets the tone. Changing up your color palettes can be accomplished by new colored fabrics, new accessories and even paint. Paint is an easy and cost effective way to try a different look. Check out these great tips from Sherwin-Williams to help you get started.

Lighting– A fancy chandelier can dress up a room without interfering too much with other décor you already have in place. Lamps, candle holders, etc. can make a difference too. And if you are in the market for some new lightbulbs, be sure to grab Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to help save money on your energy bill.

Accent pieces– Window dressings, fabrics, artwork or a special rug can be a big takeaway from your favorite show. Look for unique pieces at secondhand shops.

Furniture– Make a statement with one unique piece of furniture. Incorporating statement pieces in your décor not only helps you add character, but also that wow factor. The right statement piece can be a real conversation starter for your guests and in many cases will set the tone for other decorating projects.

If you are not quite ready to make the move, start with a Pinterest Board. You can re-create several different looks from your favorite shows and decide what you like and don’t like before making any major decisions. Do you have a favorite TV show that you would like to use as inspiration for home décor?