Energy Efficient Ways to Warm Your Home This Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside … but it doesn’t have to be cold inside your home! Keep warm for the winter with a few energy-efficient tricks and tips.

Nothing chills my bones like the sight of an expensive utility bill I wasn’t expecting. With New Year’s resolutions to save both money and energy still fresh in my mind, I knew there had to be some affordable ways to keep warm while keeping my resolutions in check.

These tips will help you minimize your energy bills while maximizing your comfort at home this winter!

Turn down that thermostat – STAT!

Who doesn’t love to snuggle under the covers? Turning your thermostat down a few degrees while you’re asleep or out of the house can add up to a lot of savings! Adjusting the temperature regularly for 8 hours a day can generate up to 15% savings on your heating bills during the winter months.


Choose and program a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats, like the Côr™ Wi-Fi® Thermostat by Carrier®, are LIFE-CHANGING for those like me with forgetful minds. These thermostats allow you to make adjustments via an app on your phone, so changing the temp is literally one touch away at all times, making our first tip above that much easier to do!

You can program specific temperature settings for night, day, working hours or even when you’re just going out for a jog! (I don’t know about you, but a house that warms on my return from a brisk outdoor run sounds pretty enticing.)


Homeowners who use the Côr thermostat save an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs. Hmm, I’m warming up to this smart home technology for sure!

KB Homeowners can dump their gloves at the door because the Côr thermostat is already right at their fingertips – it’s a standard feature in all new 2016 KB Home Communities.


Let the sunshine in! And close the curtains when it’s not sunny.

If you’re lucky enough to catch some sunshine on a winter day, let in the light! Sunlight can raise the temp a few degrees indoors (and allow you to turn off indoor lights, helping you save additional energy).

When the sun goes down, shut the blinds and the curtains. Window areas are generally a few degrees cooler than insulated walls because heat can radiate out of them easier than through your walls. Shutting the curtains adds an extra layer of insulation to keep your home warm.


Use home décor as insulation

Bet you never thought your home décor choices were serving a sustainable second purpose! Decorating the inside of an exterior wall (those walls that face outdoors) helps raise the internal temperature of your home by providing an added layer of insulating air, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. Framed photos, posters and mirrors are all excellent (and fashionable) items to hang on your walls.

If you love to snuggle up with a good book then bookshelves are a great idea! The shelves and the books act as even more insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature during colder days.

How do you keep out the cold? Share your energy-saving winter tips in the comments below!