Design Do-Over: 11 Ways to Revamp Your College Kid’s Room

You fondly remember the dinosaur phase when your child’s room was filled with plastic predators and bedsheets to match. That was closely followed by the astronaut phase when you glued glow-in-the-dark stars to the walls and ceiling.


By the teenage years – well, you weren’t allowed in the room anymore so who knows what was happening with the interior design. But now that your child’s college graduation is looming, one thing is certain: that empty room is all yours.

The stylists at KB Home have lots of options for revamping your child’s former room into a room of your own. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

(Almost) A Guest Room

Your child has moved out but isn’t quite ready to lose their place at your home. Here are a few options that keep the room open for your child’s visits but also enable the space to work as a guest room:

1. If your child has a say in the artwork displayed and you keep the color tones of the room fairly neutral then you’ll end up with a guest room that still feels like home to your grown child. View this home at the Villas at Copperleaf in Aurora, CO (near Denver).


2. Sophisticated artwork and a small sitting area make this room guest-worthy but the fun polka dot pillows and workstation are also perfect for a visiting child. Find this floor plan at the Stapleton Paired Homes – Villa Collection in Denver, CO.


Be-My-Guest Room

Once the room is ready for full-time guest occupancy, why not invite friends and family for a visit? Here are some options for creating a cozy guest room:

3.Your guests will feel like they’re staying in a chic hotel with the mirrored dresser drawers and the comfy bench at the foot of the bed. This bedroom is featured in the Enclaves at the Parks in San Tan Valley, AZ (near Phoenix).


4. The sitting area is a nice touch for visitors who’d like some private time to read or chat. And if you’re working with a space that’s smaller than this room, you could easily downsize the bed and lose one of the end tables to make the rest fit. You can find this floor plan at the Gardens at Denali in Las Vegas, NV.


Triple Threat: Den/Hobby Room/Study

Maybe your new “me” space has a bit of an identity crisis. (And there’s nothing wrong with that!) Here are some design options for multi-functional rooms:

5. This room works as an all-purpose den, office space, reading room, or meeting place for your book club. The framed mirror that hangs as artwork makes the room seem much larger. Find this home at the Homestead community in Maricopa, AZ (near Phoenix).


6. The unique cabinet and Paris/New York map art set the tone for a cool hobby room. This floor plan is available at Dahlia Pointe in Mesa, AZ (near Phoenix).


7. A smaller space comes to life with an oversized clock and minimal décor in this whimsical study. View this home at Berry Creek in Georgetown, TX (near Austin).


Private Media Center

Why not turn that empty bedroom into a media center? Moving the TV to a quieter location allows a private viewing room and also frees up the living room or great room for more entertaining space. Try one of these decorating options:

8. Binge-watch in comfort (and seclusion) in your new favorite room. This floor plan is available in the Lancaster Square community in Cypress, TX (near Houston).


9. Hold onto some of your child’s favorite games and incorporate them into the fun décor. Find this media room at the Parks at Bass Lake community in Holly Springs, NC (near Raleigh/Durham).


10.Your basic blue furnishings take a sophisticated turn when the curtains match the couch pillows. This home can be found at the Copper Ranch Villas in Gilbert, AZ (near Phoenix).


11.The popcorn maker alone makes this an epic movie room (but the sectional couch and high-tech TV also play leading roles). This room is now showing at Desert Willows in Las Vegas, NV.


Do you have a child who recently moved out of your home? What did you decide to do with the extra space? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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A.J. Bowker is a contributing writer to From House to Home. She has lived on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and is now settled in Southern California. One thing she has learned from living in various parts of the country: home is a state of mind.