Breathe Better, Save Money, and Feel Good

The benefits of living in an eco-friendly KB home are pretty amazing.

Beyond the knowledge that you’re helping out the planet, there are several other positive factors that make living in a more sustainable home a no-brainer.(Increase your home’s value? Be more productive? Yes please!). We’re huge believers in living sustainably and take steps to support it (you can check out our annual sustainability report to see how we reduce the impact of our homes on the environment).

KB Home utilizes environmentally conscious home building to save you money and be environmentally friendly at the same time. HGTV put together their own list of top 10 reasons to go green and we’re totally on board. Increased home value and monthly savings is just a part of the wonderful benefits of embracing sustainable building practices. To learn HGTV’s other top eight reasons visit:  HGTV Top 10 Reasons to Go Green.


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