Behind the Build: Gena Kirk, VP KB Design Studio

KB Home is proud of the fact that we do more than build houses. We bring people together, forming tight-knit family bonds and creating memories. The heart of this accomplishment is those “behind the build” here at KB Home.

Meet Gena Kirk – VP KB Corporate Studio

Gena has been with KB Home 20 years, and as the VP of KB Corporate Studio, she’s passionate about the Design Studio process where homebuyers—many first-timers—are experiencing the exhilaration of designing the home they and their families will fill with memories.

A Designer is Born…


Kirk’s mother was a designer and her parents owned a furniture store. Surrounded by patterns, fabrics, and color, it’s no wonder she was destined to follow a creative path. Fueled by this artistic environment, Kirk’s passion for design grew as she helped around the family store and eventually went on to work for other furniture stores and retailers. Not only was she honing her talent for design, but she was also learning the value of building meaningful customer relationships. It would be easy to assume by Kirk’s current position with KB Home that she went to a fancy art school to study design. However, most of what she needed to be successful she attributes to working in the industry. Every job she took, whether it was entering purchasing data into a computer (her first job at KB Home) or selling furniture in a store, Kirk molded her innate passion and talent for design with the business acumen of a successful leader.

Design Style

So, what does someone who assists others in designing their home do for fun, and what does their house look like? Part of what makes Kirk great at what she does is the fact that her imagination doesn’t turn off the moment she leaves the office. Whether out for a morning jog, window shopping at a new store, browsing a fashion magazine or traveling, Kirk’s eyes are always open to the latest trends in fashion, fabric, patterns, colors, textures, and art. If you were to walk into her home you would see an eclectic mix of family memories and pieces from her travels wrapped in her favorite jewel tones, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. No color is too ugly not to be of use in Kirk’s eyes—with a little creativity of course—and while she prefers the cleanliness of hard floors, she doesn’t miss the opportunity to express herself with exotic carpets throughout her home.

Life at KB Home


When Kirk began her journey with KB Home she started working in the design studio, not in a traditionally creative or fun role, but in what most would consider a dreary data entry job. Most creatives would have shuddered at being forced to enter purchasing data or managing databases, but Kirk didn’t let the position get her down. True to form, she made the most out of the experience and began thinking outside of the box. Before long she was implementing new systems that improved workflow, and the company took notice.

Now she’s the VP of Design Studio. The fact that she gets to oversee a department where consultants help families fulfill lifelong dreams of picking out the design details of their homes, is not the only aspect of her job that gets her out of bed every morning. The same person who learned so much about customer service and building relationships as a girl in her parents’ store to the young working mother who continued down the path of retail and design, never lost sight of what home design really means. Kirk knows that the experience families have each time they visit the KB Home Studio is a deeply personal one. They are making decisions about the home they are going to build memories in, and as they make their choices, those futures are given significant thought. Kirk’s fondest memories of working at the KB Home Studio are the laughter shared with her co-workers and the families they help as they build lasting friendships. Even after the home is built and the visits are no longer needed, families will occasionally stop by to show pictures of the new baby, grandbaby, fur baby, or any other milestone they are excited to share with those who helped make their dream home a reality.

“We’re building a place where you create memories.”

The team that Kirk works with are trained at bringing your design dreams to life. The more prepared you are when you arrive for your Studio sessions, the more enjoyable the experience will be when you are presented with a plethora of design choices. Whatever your favorite design style is, or whatever feel or look you are going for with your home’s design, rest assured that Kirk’s team of consultants will show you how to achieve the look without straying from your budget.

Gena Kirk’s hope is that the relationships built, the joy and stories shared, and the design assistance given will create a legacy where KB Home will be synonymous with unparalleled customer service. When families consider working with a homebuilder, KB Home will be the first name they think of.

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