A Breath of Fresh Air, In Your Home

It’s no secret that a lot of common household cleaning products and air fresheners are toxic to our health, so I was so happy to discover an alternative method of freshening up my home.

Inspired by a recent visit to a local yoga studio, all-natural, diy room spray is the way to go. After class, they sprayed the most amazing smelling scent and it was like an instant refresher. When I asked them what it was, they told me that it was just water and natural essential oils. So simple to make, not to mention so much healthier than spraying store bought air fresheners around the room and breathing in all those chemicals. So I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it works around the house. Happy to report, I was not disappointed.

This is so easy to make and so much healthier to breathe in than store bought air fresheners, not to mention it could be cheaper (depending on how much oil you are using). It also helps to save the environment because you can re-use the same spray bottle when you make a new batch. All you need is water, essential oils and alcohol (recommend using unflavored Vodka). Adding a little alcohol, like the Vodka, disperses the oil and helps the scent linger longer in the air.

Now that you have the ingredients, it’s time to mix! The amount you use of each ingredient depends on how much you want to make, but here are the basics. Just put a little alcohol in the bottom of your spray bottle (just enough to cover the bottom of the bottle.) Then add your favorite essential oils, approx. 40 drops each (Eucalyptus is one of my favorites), and fill the bottle and with water about half way. Then shake and spray.

Your home will smell so fresh and it’s so much fun picking out the scents. You can use any essential oil combination you want! Or you can look at suggestions for different types of room sprays depending on the need. Another bonus, they don’t just smell good, they also give your body a boost. Essential oils can help you feel more energized or alleviate the daily stresses. You can even tailor scents to a specific mood you are trying to create in a room. Want a confidence booster? Try combining Orange and Rosemary. Need some balance? Try Geranium, Jasmine and Chamomile.  Go ahead and give it a try then leave a comment and tell us some of your favorite essential oil combinations to use.