6 Fun Ideas to Make Father’s Day Memorable

Here at KB Home we value the importance of family and recognize Father’s Day as one of the most heartfelt of holidays! So, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite out-of-the-box Father’s Day Gifts.

When asked, “What do you want for Father’s Day?” 99 out of 100 dads will say, “I don’t know.” So what’s a family to do? Read on for some ideas on how to give Dad his best Father’s Day yet.

Uninterrupted Sleep

First and foremost, if Dad likes to sleep in, let him sleep for as long as he wants. Find out beforehand if he wants to do any Sunday morning activity, and if he doesn’t, do everything possible to keep the house quiet and his sleep uninterrupted.


Awesome Breakfast

Once he’s awoken naturally from his delicious slumber, the feeding begins. If he has a favorite breakfast spot, take him there. If he loves a specific muffin or donut from a local bakery, have some ready. If a home-cooked breakfast is what he’s after, prepare it for him with a smile. Set the table nicely and put his Father’s Day card at his place.


Nature Adventure

If he loves to hike or picnic, take the family to his favorite spot. If he’s a golfer, invite him to play (schedule a tee-time in advance). Wherever he’s happiest – the beach, the lake, or the park – make it easy and fun to get him to someplace he loves.


Do-nothing Time

Many dads, especially those with small kids, don’t get the downtime they crave. If vegging out for an entire day would make him happy, give him the space to do it. Whether he wants to watch sports, binge-watch an entire season of his favorite show, or play video games – your job is to keep the kids out of his hair and the household chores non-existent.


Favorite Dinner

Father’s Day is all about dad – and that means if there’s a restaurant he loves, take him there. (Even better if it’s one nobody else ever wants to go to). If he has a favorite homemade dinner, get all the ingredients in advance, make it cheerfully and serve it with a smile. Propose a toast to Dad, and go around the table allowing every family member to say one of their favorite things about him. (Don’t forget, the clean-up is up to you and the kids).

Family Movie Night

However, you spend the day, a great way to end it is with popcorn and a family movie. Is there one he’s been dying to watch? Let him have at it, with no complaints. Maybe he has a favorite (Caddyshack, anyone?) that he’s seen a million times – have it ready along with his favorite movie treats. Beware of falling into the “What do you want to watch?” pit – searching for the right movie and debating what to watch can suck all the joy out of your night. Give him some great options, roll the kids’ sleeping bags out on the floor in front of the TV, relax and enjoy.


Whatever way you end up celebrating Father’s Day, remember to spread the love. The extra work you may do is a gift to him, one that he’ll remember throughout the year.

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