5 Tips for Decorating Your Front Door This Halloween

Whether you’re throwing out the welcome mat for trick-or-treaters or gathering friends for a Spooktacular celebration, your front door is going to be the one making the first impression on Halloween night. So, make it a lasting impression with these 5 tips for decorating your front door.

Scary or Sweet

Before you buy buckets of fake blood, consider your target audience when choosing the gore factor of your decorations. Skulls, mummies, and dismembered ghouls will be too shocking for young trick or treaters; on the flip side, the Great Pumpkin with googly eyes might seem too silly for older adults.

Deck the    Hall–oween Door

Start with the door itself by choosing festive images or even a colorful garland that spells out Trick or Treat so neighborhood ghosts and goblins will know your house is open for business on the big night. Add in some greenery to frame the front door so the space doesn’t look too bleak. Want to let someone else do the heavy creative lifting? Purchase a door decal that temporarily attaches to the wood and can be peeled away on November 1.

Don’t Get Too Attached

There are lots of ways to decorate your front door and still protect a brand-new coat of paint. Hang a Halloween banner. It’s easy to set up and remove and won’t lift the paint. Look for spooky images or fun messages – we’re thinking “Boo!” works pretty well. Halloween wreaths are another way to welcome the holiday without wrecking your front door. You can make one yourself with mini-plastic pumpkins or buy one pre-made.

Spaced Out

Don’t forget to utilize the space around your front door. It’s the perfect spot for black cat statues, skeletons, and tombstones. Add pumpkins or leaves to bring in fall colors and brighten up the space.

Walk This Way

Create a walkway to your front door by lining up lanterns or pumpkins to guide your trick or treaters to the Halloween gold. Use holiday props of varying heights to mix up the sight lines and cover all areas. You can also set a glowing mood with bright lanterns, illuminated pumpkins or electric candles. And don’t forget, if you live in a community with an HOA, make sure to follow any rules for decorating your home’s exterior.